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  1. screag01

    I hate ebay!

    I too have borderline ocd for Ebay but lets face it....it luck > due dilligence. Gotten some swingin deals and had some dogs as well, most critical is Q's. My rant...1) FOR HEAVEN SAKE PEOPLE QUIT USING YOUR CELL FOR PICTURES 2) If its blurred RETAKE the photo 3) I don't need to see six inches of ur drvway surrounding item GET CLOSER. Ahem...that said get posting...gotta go Ebays callin' :-D
  2. I am the third owner of mine. Cannot recall make/model offhand, but knowing the original owner it wasn't cheap. It is one of the "scary" aluminum models and loads by a little ramp. It has hauled numerous dirt bikes and I have used it with a street bike. It has hauled from eastern MI to mid IL. It is very convienant, even over my p/up.
  3. screag01

    Michigan Memorial Day Weekend, Who's riding?

    Fri - Mon(morn) is tough...but everything else works...say wednesday 9am?
  4. screag01

    New McCullochs indoor motocross

    Yeah, it was freakin great. It's actually what got me to get an MX bike! Good riding and I could be there in fifteen minutes. Better rider facilities than the other two also.
  5. screag01

    Oct. 10-12 - Hunt Creek/Mio?

    Hmmm, that's odd. My sticker says the 2008 riding season ends 3/31/2009
  6. screag01

    West Branch Michigan Aug 7-9

    Heading up to that area tomorrow mid-day. May or may not be meeting up w/someone for Sat (whom I think has an agenda), but wide open Sunday. Anybody still be ridin' Sun??
  7. screag01

    Plates in Michigan - Only selected cops can sign?

    As most of these stories bear out. I have found through the years that with the SOS (or pretty much any agency we taxpayers subsidize) the answer you receive depends on who you ask. Coming back the next day or going to another office will net completely different results. Fortuneately I have learned which lady in my nearest office is the most knowledgeable.
  8. screag01

    MICHIGAN July 11,12,13th. MICHIGAN

    Heaven help us all.....
  9. Not sure of time yet. The two possibilities thrown out were either Evart or starting in St Helen and heading North from there. Perhaps in the interest of domestic harmony we should go with the former.
  10. Goose and I are looking at a day ride the 16th. That area is one of the proposed sites.
  11. screag01

    Holton loop danger

    Can't recall if it was on Holton or Horshoe, but I do remember having to get fairly intimate with the seat/rear fender junction on one of them last Sat. Thinking Holton since I seem to recall wondering how Don got through so quickly, yeah I guess going over would be one way to account for that.
  12. screag01

    Friday in Leota, MICHIGAN

    It would be to easy.....you realize you left the door wide open for someone on that one!
  13. screag01

    Holton/Horseshoe this weekend

    Eric, Sorry we didn't catch up with ya'. Were you able to get your bike back together?
  14. screag01

    Holton/Horseshoe this weekend

    Thanks for meeting up with us, always good to be in the woods even better with great company. Woops...what woops. ....and what it is, is all fun.
  15. screag01

    Holton/Horseshoe this weekend

    Got it, call later today.