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  1. Larry, I replied on your thread at the Suzuki Owners Club site, just to say I am looking into the who DR/GN CDI conversion idea too. You might need to stick closer to home for questions like this, as a lot of the local market gear can differ from what you get in the US etc. Visit kiwibiker.co.nz they have a pretty good knowledge base there too.
  2. Hi guys, been months since I last visited, I was thought I'd show you my rebuild project for my old 1982 DR250Z. There are pictures galore, and a little bit of a write up on each stage of the rebuild avaliable here , or you can see a gallery of pictures of the rebuild, in the order that I have been doing it, and those pics can be viewed here. As you can see, the old girl's not finished yet, but will be over the next 2 or 3 weeks. Hopefully this is of interest to someone out there. Enjoy.
  3. If anyone knows any other shocks off other bike models, that would slot straight into my 82 DR250, I would appreciate any help you can offer. My shock is fully shagged, and I don't think they are rebuilable. Mine is a single shock full floater model. Thanks troops.
  4. OK, now I have nailed it. Grafter kill switch wire into + coil lead, and it worked.
  5. I still haven't nailed this yet, some sites say wire a kill switch to the positive on the coil, and others say to the green wire from the CDI, I am completely lost now, and don't want to risk frying the old girl completely.
  6. Thank you, I appreciate it
  7. The kill switch is stuffed on my DR, and the wire doesn't actually go anywhere, and just stops down the back under the seat. What should the Kill switch be wired up to?. Thanks heaps.