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  1. deadbeat son

    Texas Creek?

    Did that system hit the OHV area as expected?
  2. deadbeat son

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Thanks for the help, and sorry to hijack this thread. I think I'm going to just buy her a TTR-125LE to get the basic mechanics down. If she likes it, she can have my 250X when she's ready and I'll get my new bike. If not, we'll just sell the TTR next summer when prices go back up and recoup the cost.
  3. deadbeat son

    Help me pick my wife's first bike

    I think I've figured it out. I'll probably buy her a TTR-125LE this fall (prices are lower in CO now) and let her get the simple mechanics of riding down. If she likes it, great, she can continue on it for a bit next spring until she's comfortable on a bike more her size (my 250X) and then we'll sell it during the summer and I'll get a new bike and pass mine on to her. If she doesn't like it, we'll just sell the TTR next spring and recoup the cost.
  4. deadbeat son

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Thanks for the advice. I would buy her an XR200R, but she really wants electric start. The reason I thought of the KX100 is a 2t is easier to kick over than a 4t, plus, its seat height is 3" taller than a CRF150 or TTR125LE. I'm worried about the weight of a CRF or TTR 230. What I'd really like to do is slap a Kouba link on my CRF250X, give it to her, and get a new bike, but she's scared of its size.
  5. deadbeat son

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Thanks; that pretty much confirms my assumption.
  6. deadbeat son

    Help me pick my wife's first bike

    I thought about the CRF150RB (there's a NEW 2007 in town for $2699) but there's the issue of no electric start. My wife is physically fit (she's in a competitive roller derby league); however, she doesn't like to go fast when driving or even on a MTB, so I'm afraid she won't want to on a dirt bike either. I really think my 250X would make a great bike for her with a lowering link and that's the way I'm leaning. I may just rent her a bike our first couple of times out to see if she even enjoys it before buying one.
  7. deadbeat son

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Great build! Question for Kirby: I'm looking for a first bike for my wife (who has never ridden.) How tall is your wife? I'm afraid at 5'8", the KX100 may be a little small for mine...
  8. deadbeat son

    Yz 125? Tt-r 230?

    Question for Moira -- at 5'7"/150lbs, did your TTR125 feel too small for you? How long have you ridden this bike? Was it your first? My wife is a similar size (5'8"/140-150lbs) and wants a bike. I'm worried the TTR-125L (big wheeled model) will be too small for her and she'll outgrow it quickly. Thoughts?
  9. Hey everyone! I've been riding dirtbikes off and on since 1983, so I'm not a noob, but my wife has never swung a leg over a bike and is interested in learning to ride. While I believe there are a LOT of great beginner bikes out there, I think most will be too small for her since she's 5'8"/140lbs. Because she's a taller girl, I think the typical choices of TTR-125LE/KLX140L/CRF150F are all going to be too small for her; while they would be good bikes for her to learn the mechanics of riding, I would think she would quickly grow weary of riding a bike that is physically so small for her. My issue with the bigger bikes such as a CRF230F/TTR225 or 230 is with the weight of the bikes. While they would probably fit her comfortably from a height standpoint, won't the weight hinder her learning process? Something like the old XR200R seems like a logical choice, but I know she won't be happy without the magic button. Electric start is a requirement. I've even thought of lowering my CRF250X for her and buying a new bike for myself, but she's intimidated by its size. What kind of bike would you recommend buying for her first? I'm at a loss trying to figure it out.
  10. deadbeat son

    09 400 XCW vs 09 450 XCW

    Thanks for the advice guys; I thought this thread died 6 months ago! I'm still riding my 250, but will be looking seriously at a 400 this fall.
  11. deadbeat son

    09 400 XCW vs 09 450 XCW

    Thanks for the replies guys. Keep them coming. It seems like the 400 may be my best bet. Captain, as to the differences of opinion in the powerband between you and Gene, couldn't it be because your bike is an EXC and is detuned by comparison to the XCW?
  12. Hello, I currently have an 06 Honda CRF250X. I'm considering upgrading to a KTM this year, but don't know whether to look to the 400 or 450. I'm 5'10"/160lbs. I consider myself an intermediate rider, and trail ride (no track...) in Colorado. Which of the two has smoother power delivery? Which is less fatiguing to ride? Do they both come equipped with the same rate springs, or is one more plush than the other? I realize both bikes weigh the same; either one would be 10 extra lbs over my 250, and I'm okay with that. I'm sorry if this is a repeated question. I searched before posting and couldn't find a topic to this subject. Thanks for any input you may have! -JP
  13. deadbeat son

    Rampart Range Monday, September 29th

    Rode there today; it's really dry but if you take 676 toward the back it's worth it!
  14. deadbeat son

    Will R plastics fit on an X

    Search button is your friend.
  15. deadbeat son

    Is the '07 R head worth it?

    Post up with your thoughts on the new head when you're finished with the rebuild! -JP