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  1. kbarone

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    Just finished the job by adding coolant after waiting 24 hours for the RTV to cure. Started the bike and a few drips appeared. Continued to let it warm up and then held the throttle at about 1700rpm's and the leak got worse. I let it run a little longer and the leak stopped. Dried the area of the drips and test rode the bike and Wal La, not a single drip reappeared.
  2. kbarone

    Detailed Instructions for the Water Pump Fix

    I too suffered the dreaded water pump leak. After talking to several dealers who stated the job would cost approx 1-1/2 hours labor plus parts, oil, and coolant, I decided to tackle the job my self. I studied the detailed instructions and began the RTV fix. Once I got into it, it went very smooth by following the instructions. I did the work on Sat. 2/16/08 and will add new coolant the next day to allow the RTV to cure. I will do a follow up to let you know if it was sucessful. One thing the instructions missed, just prior to removing the "E" clip, there is a metal shim (washer) that must be removed which just slips off. My fingers are crossed that this "fix" works. Good work on the detailed instructions