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  1. 1 word, 3 abbreviations TSB I love my taco but I don't even think I'd consider a tundra after all that shit with the brakes.
  2. imo he wont be getting hit with salt unless he's tailgating the car infront of him the whole way, after all he did say he was hauling in a truck not a trailer and unless his tires illegally stick out more than 4 inches on each side without fender flares then I doubt assloads of salt will be flying up and then back down into his bed.
  3. witdogg that camo bus is hands down prime for everything that has to do with traveling and hauling bikes , too bad you had to sell her thanks for sharing the pics.
  4. the conditions you stated are basically better than here where I live 8 out of 12 months and I do most of my riding in the winter. I've never used anything more than a tarp to cover my bike and I only use a tarp when it's either raining or snowing, most of the time when it's just raining I won't even bother but as for bike prep if it's traveling in a bed the two things I do are plug the exhaust with a silencer plug made for powerwashing to prevent water from building up in your pipe and I also stick a rag in my airbox inlet just incase aswell as I run my bike with gas in the off position to drain lines so no gas pisses out of the overflow while loading/unloading/traveling. hope that helps and have a good trip.
  5. rclz

    Tundra Dually

    sorry I have to say this, I'm a huge fan of taco's and tundra's but the exterior on that thing is disgusting, the interior wouldnt be half bad either if it wasn't same color as vomit. still rather take my whip over that anyday.
  6. rclz

    drz125 track offer.

    I'm about 5'6" 135lbs
  7. rclz

    what clutch levers fit drz's

    any universal cable clutch lever and perch will fit, they usually come together and the cheaper ones are about 15$ with the perch.
  8. rclz

    drz125 track offer.

    So I was at the track today with a bunch of friends for practice, and it pissed rain last nite and this morning so the track was really slick so I sat out the first 2 moto's and some guy saw my bike asked a few questions so I gave him the rundown of what it was running etc. and he told me that his son had ridden a drz125 the other week and felt it was the perfect size but he began to ride it to it's limits right away, so obviously he looked into them and found out that to do the full works on it is quite expensive, and he could obviously see I kept the bike in immaculate condition and did all the installs right so he made me an offer to buy my bike right there at the track $3800 CAD he offered me, and I paid $3100 CAD brand new in 2005. Did I turn it down? obviously hehe i've told you guys I'd probably never part with the drz but I got his number just incase.
  9. rclz

    PVL Ignition DRZ125

    I'm sorry soon as I saw "kickstarting is not recommended on cold engines running this ignition" I bursted out laughing cause all I can picture is some guy at the track with a generator and an old junker treadmill and him trying to bumpstart a drz125 on it.
  10. rclz

    do you have to rejet...

    Since the FMF is biggest piece of crap and most likely doesn't do anything but make noise I would have to say you don't need a rejet, but if you plan to buy a real pipe like a PC T-4 then yes you should get the rejet kit from Jeff at procycle.
  11. I basically have all the BBR goodies except for the triple clamps so yeah I running the frame cradle and stiffer springs but I have some rm85 forks on the way =) And yes they work amazing on the track and I'm about 135lbs but I'm still fine tuning the suspension cause some days I'll bottom on some things but other times it will just pogo and kick me in the ass, but other then that suspension is doing more then it's job in my opinion. But thanks for the feedback guys more pics to come from next practice, and I'll definately be going way bigger on the 100footer. And zook I'll tell the gf to snap some pics of me in the berm cause yours looked sick and the berms at the track I go to are literally gigantic.
  12. the biggest one which is the one pictured is a 100footer but they range from 25 to 50 with double sections and some high and low sections aswell. and thats not stock suspension, it's the bbr stiffer fork and shock springs.
  13. Told ya I'd post some pics from practice on sunday! sorry for most of the pics being out of focus, the gf is still getting the hang of focusing the nikon. This is my 2nd time riding the track on the drz, and these pics were taken after a 20 minute down pour on a clay track so there were ALOT of nice rainbow oil/gas slicks up the lips of the tables and at the landings but it was still a great day dried up for the rest of my practice heat's and had some fun trying to keep up to my friends on 250's and 450's Oh I also forgot to add my front tire is still the stock one that came with the bike when I bought it brand new in 2005, and I have about almost 80-100 hours of trail riding on it and I've ridden on plenty of pavement, but it's finally starting to show signs of wear so I ordered a bridgestone should be here in a couple of days but I'm suprised how long that front tire has lasted me considering I've been through about 6-7 rear tires.
  14. rclz

    Can you race drz

    For the longest time I thought I wasn't allowed to race because the class I thought I would race in is as follows: Age 11 - 15. Bikes 80cc - 112cc two strokes / 75cc - 150cc air cooled four strokes. But then I was later told by a friend at a track practice that there is only an age limit on the Super Mini class, but the youth class has no age limit, the only restrictions are: Youth 85cc (wheel size maximum 17") Also permitted, up to 150cc air cooled 4 strokes. So I guess that means the honda 150's aren't permitted to ride in any of those classes, they have to race with the 125cc 2-strokes and 250 4-strokes.