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  1. I had a slight mishap in the Ocala National Forest and the end result was a bent front wheel and near removal of my most personal junk. Anyway, I need at a minimum a new rim but I was thinking of upgrading to a new set of wheels. I would like to stay with the 21"x18" combination. Thanks for the input. Justin
  2. Can you guys post some pics and give me some ideas for hauling four bikes. We have a DRZ400, CRf15, Crf 100 and a CRF70 (soon to be upgraded to a larger bike) that we need to haul. I have thought about the generic utility trailer route but I was wondering if there were any other options. I really like the Kendon trailers but they only make a three bike hauler. I have also toyed with the idea of making my own trailer since I have the tools needed to build one. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Justin
  3. sprbxr

    Motard Bargain!!

    I say we call the number incessantly and ask him stupid question. Then when he stops answering the phone, we clog up his voice mail with more stupid questions and messages.
  4. sprbxr

    Motard Bargain!!

    Lookee what I found http://treasure.craigslist.org/mcy/953997231.html I smell a rat. I bet $1 the same guy that put it on Ebay posted it on Craigslist. That buyer for $2700 is pure BS.
  5. Has anyone bought one of these off Ebay? I see there are Aluminum and Steel being sold on the 'bay. Is there any particular one that is better than the other? Thanks Justin
  6. My wife and daughters have expressed interest in getting some bikes for trail riding. (I have a DR-Z400E). None of them have ridden before except my wife has taken an MSF class. I would really like to get them all the bikes from the same manufacturer (ie all Hondas or all Yamahas etc). Electric start is not necessary. Four stroke is mandatory. My wife and one daughter are about 5'4".I was thinking my 9yr old should start out on something with an autoclutch like a CRF70. My wife and 12yr old could probably do fine on a CRF150. Any comments or recommendations? I am not dead set on Hondas although parts availability in my area for hondas is very good. THanks Justin
  7. I am considering the purchase of an 08 KLR650 but was wondering what they are going for. Thanks Justin
  8. sprbxr

    Priced paid for new 250X?

    Called Southern Honda Saturday. I wanted to buy 2 bikes with a credit card and a friend of mine would pick them up for me. Unfortunately, the guy at Southern Honda said I had to be there in person to fill out some paperwork. I guess I will road trip down there this week. Around here, people are trying to get $3000-$3500 for an 04. They don't want to here I can get a new 06 for the same price. Justin
  9. My daughters have never ridden motorcycles. I would like to get them starter bikes. Would I be better off teaching them to ride with an auto or just go ahead and teach them on the manual trans bikes. My eleven year old might be too big for the 70. Her sister is 7 and could eventually ride the Crf70. I will probably start the 7 yr old on the Crf50. Thanks Justin
  10. sprbxr

    Priced paid for new 250X?

    Where can I go near Va to get one of these deals? I would prefer to buy out of state to avoid the gov't cut.
  11. sprbxr

    Gonna sell my trusty wr250....$$?

    I just bought an 03 bone stock with 350miles for $3100. I am on the East Coast. Justin
  12. sprbxr

    Radiator WR/YZF interchangeable?

    I have an 03 that I just bought. The left radiator is twiste from a crash by the previous owner. I am looking for a replacement. A used one would be nice. It doesn't leak but ut bugs me that it is damaged. Justin
  13. Is the WR250F and YZ250F radiator interchangeable? Thanks Justin
  14. sprbxr

    Newbie needs some advice

    Lookd at the bike today. It is nice except for one problem. The guy crashed it hard enough to twist the left radiator. It doesn't leak but I think i would replace it. The rest of the bike is pretty clean. No mods have been done and it has been serviced at the dealer (that scares me). Anyone know how much a radiator is for one of these? Justin
  15. sprbxr

    Newbie needs some advice

    He said I could ride it. The last off road bikes I road were a BMW R100GSPD and a XT600. I guess the BMW doesn't really qualify as an Off-road bike. Justin