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    i think I may go with the r
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    Okay so I am going to eventually trade in my '06 CRF 100F for the bike I want... which is the CRF 250x. what do you think... my 100 recently became to small as my parents and I bought it when I was 5'5'' or so and I sprouted to 5'10'' so anyway... which would you use more a 250x or a 250r... because the price difference is not that much different. I don't go to tracks or anything... but I do go out like to glamis, dove springs, ocotillo wells, and other places of the sandy/dirt kind of places... but for my use which one would you pick?
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    I freakin DID IT!!! My first bike!

    your a little extreme getting that bike as your first... don't go balls out and **** yourself up!
  5. TokaiX

    Honda CRF 100F

    Well I do have one... It works freak'n fantastic... I'm just too big for it... which makes it difficult for me to ride it in ways I would ride a bigger bike.
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    Honda CRF 100F

    What you thing about the bike?