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  1. Grazah450

    CRF 450 Sprocket Size

    wat sort of riding do u do? i have an 06 crf450 and i bush ride a lot. i am finding myself running out of legs on the straights so im wondering Wat i should go with to get a bit of extra speed without loosing to much of the wheelie capability.
  2. Grazah450

    advise on husaberg and aprilia plz

    im currently looking at getting rid of my 06 crf450 because i mainly bush ride and i find my cfr running out of legs and getting hot. im looking at ether a 550 aprilia or a 650 husaberg. Can someone who knows what there talking about please give me some advise on the pros and cons of each bike and comparisons on maintenance costs of each bike. thankyou.
  3. Grazah450

    wheelie help

    hey mate, i ride a crf450 so i have no probs lifting the front wheel in any gear. the problem is i just cant seem to find the balance point and keep it there. any tips that can help me? ive just started ALWAYS covering the rear brake since a recent flip while changing into 5th gear ( i can still feel the pain when i think about that day).