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  1. bryan65


    Went to the page select. results. "No Spring Series available for your bike.".. sad...
  2. bryan65


    Pls advice where i can get this string at a reasonable price. Thanks
  3. bryan65


    Haha i'm an adult. Ppl are playing with their klx110 pitbikes. i though if i can setup my kx60 i can have lots of fun too
  4. bryan65


    Hi guys i'm 70kg, What can i do to the suspension to take my weight?
  5. bryan65

    07 Tc250

    Hi ppls. Any review so far? Links to site review welcome too. Thanks
  6. bryan65

    Daily Driver 2006 TE450

    hi guys. i'm from Singapore and i own a 05 Te510 with full super motard kit from husky. I ride it around everyday. its a good bike. Not to worry wear and tear. It will be the same like any other KTM. just do the regular servicing, oil change will be good.