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  1. Went to the page select. results. "No Spring Series available for your bike.".. sad...
  2. Pls advice where i can get this string at a reasonable price. Thanks
  3. Haha i'm an adult. Ppl are playing with their klx110 pitbikes. i though if i can setup my kx60 i can have lots of fun too
  4. Hi guys i'm 70kg, What can i do to the suspension to take my weight?
  5. Hi ppls. Any review so far? Links to site review welcome too. Thanks
  6. hi guys. i'm from Singapore and i own a 05 Te510 with full super motard kit from husky. I ride it around everyday. its a good bike. Not to worry wear and tear. It will be the same like any other KTM. just do the regular servicing, oil change will be good.