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    TC 450 '06 vs YZF 450 '04

    Last three days I compared my TC450 2006 and YZF450 2004 on race track. Both are stock condition. This is my notice: What is worse on Husky: weight (yam is much lighter, around 11 kilos!) size, I can touch ground barely with my legs cornering, I think that is bad geometry and massive wheel generate heavy rear engine, yam engine is much aggressive especially on low rpm braking, Brembo brakes are fantastic but when I crowd front brake wheel sliding but bike dont stop - bad geometry again or height completely, Yamaha is faster bike What is better on Husky: look, I must write brakes, super brakes with quality crank (and price is "quality", I broken two times cranks 2 x 45 EUR) clutch control, hydraulic Magura is dream seat, good grip, very comfortably and easy to remove/install suspension, Marzocchi 50 mm are good and Ohlins shock is professional stability, Husky goes easy on straight with bumpers jumping, I go on jump safety with Husky then yamaha and much better landing throttle, short stroke Comment, me and club friend (also have TC450 06) had same problems with our bikes: front wheel touch on mudguard rear wheel touched silencer and detached silencer!!!!!!!! we broken kicks when starts bikes "gum hole" between air filter and carburettor is deglutinated and air goes in then I all race have automatic throttle I love husky and this is my experience. Have any experience on TC 450 2008 compared with other jap bikes?
  2. Vlade Rajevic

    Husky 2007!

    You re right. There arnt 4 stroke motocross bikes.
  3. Vlade Rajevic

    Husky 2007!

    There are pics: http://www.moto.it/news/060619husqvarna07.asp See black rims and black plastics, but there are not four stroke pics, only two-s.