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  1. Ok, this is going to sound weird but does anyone have a sound clip, or know the location of, a xl 250 idling. Even better would be idling and than reving up? Im out today trying to tune my bike and it occurs to me I've no idea how it's supposed to sound when properly set up. I know a tach would make it easier, but believe me im lookingLOL I swear mine's idling too fast. When i ride it I have to ride the break occasionally. Than again this is the first bike i've ridden so i could just be going faster than I'm comfortable... Any help would be amazing... M
  2. MaxxWilde


    Maybe it's just the lighting in the picture, but I cant tell what color your bike is? Grey, charcoal, metallic grey? Anyway, it looks VERY kool! Did you do it yourself? What did you use??? M
  3. MaxxWilde

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Yeah it is! I almost did something similiar when i repainted mine... though it wouldnt have looked NEARLY as goodLOL Oh, and congrats on your new son! M
  4. MaxxWilde

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Is that bare metal on the side sections of the tank? It looks kool! If it's bare, did you coat anything over it to keep it from rusting? M
  5. MaxxWilde

    Stalling 72 xl-250

    Well, here's an update. After cleaning out the carb, adjusting the contact breaker point and checking the timing (Or, trying to) it's no longer stallingLOL I can crank the throttle all the way and it doesnt die, it seems to be running rich, though. The idle speed is much faster, even after adjusting the idle and fuel air speed. On the test drive i had to ride the break to keep it at a low speed i was comfortable withLOL Im concerned about the engine itself, though. Before i did all this it just put out a lot of bluish white smoke. Now, im getting a lot of smoke when it's idling (almost none when riding) and oil out the exhaust. Theres also a little trickle comming out the exhaust port from the engine. Could the oil problem be caused by one of the adjustments i made? Or, is it a sign of something wrong with the engine that just happened to show up after the work i've done? Maybe the smoke was an indicator that the oil problem was about to start? Any opinions guys? I really appreciate your help,if it wasnt for the advice i've got so far i'd be lost. Im VERY new to bikesLOL Maxx
  6. I did and it helped a little...but still seems rich and idling fast. I took it for a test ride and first gear was twice as fast as it was before i did the carb. I had to ride the breakLOL I was told it could be worn valve guides, but the guy who told me that was later fired for incompetance. So, I was hoping..LOL Anyway, thanks for your help! I'll get the o ring and do a little more research on engines. Maybe post to the engine section and see what hey think as well... Again, thank you! M
  7. Well, I put the carb back together and tried it without the o ring. Not that i dont think your not right, it just wont be for another weeks until i can get to a decent hardware storeLOL I live 70 miles out from a good storeLOL Somewhere in the rebuild i fixed one of the problems. It starts on the second kick and i can rev it freely without it dying. Now it seems to be running rich (and i was hoping to get luckyLOL) and idling VERY fast. This im guessing is from the lack of decent sealing from the o ring. Its also blowing out a LOT of blue smoke and some oil out the tail pipe and where the exhaust connects to the engine. Is that from the running rich as well? I hope??? M
  8. MaxxWilde

    Stalling 72 xl-250

    Wow, I'm glad you mentioned that! Yeah, it was rust colored. I at first took it as sand since i live in a sandy area (desert) but I went back and found a little on my work area and yeah it's rust. I'll be putting on an inline filter tommorow for the short term and look around at maybe another tank or a coating like kreem. Im actually kinda leaning toward the version put out by POR-15. I've a friend who uses their stuff on his old cars and he swears by the stuff... Heres a link to their tank repair kit. http://www.por15.com/Default.aspx?TabId=103 I've got a exhaust question i forgot to ask earlier (I really DO check the manuel before asking these things...LOL) On the underside of the stock muffler I've got an exhaust leak. It looks like theres a piece of metal there partly blocking the leak. Is this supposed to be there? Is it a factory installed baffle with a factory hole under it? Or is it just the previous owners failed attempt at fixing a hole in the muffler Maxx
  9. MaxxWilde

    Stalling 72 xl-250

    I did as you suggested and it went well. That was a good idea....I actually locked myself in the back bedroomLOL I just put the carb back on and the results are better than I expected. It's still blowing a LOT of bluish white smoke, wich is worrying me, but she revs well now. I can sit and crank the throttle and it doesnt die. Starting to sound like a real dirtbike nowLOL The carb was a mess... I found sand in the bottom of the float bowl, very fine grit, but sand All the jets were half clogged and the inside was just plain filthy. A lot of screws loose, too. (heh, like me) Mainly now it's just figuring out the smoking. It smokes constantly (heh, like me) and i just remembered when i give it the throttle and let off will backfire a little. Do you guys think I'm right in thinking to adjust the air/fuel and check the timing? Anything else i might be missing? Oh, i'll also be installing an inline fuel filter to make sure the gas getting to the carb is good. The manuel mentioned something about water in the gas causing white smoke... Can you guys think of anything i might have missed, or should do? All in all im pretty excited, this was my first carb re build and now my bikes running better than when i started M P.S. Thanks for listening and all your advice so far...!
  10. Ugh, thats not good. Is there any way to fix it without buying a new o ring? I'm not even sure they even SELL a new o ring for a carb this old... M
  11. Oh.....DUH Yeah I went back and took a look at ALL the parts and now i see it. I guess thats what happens when you look at all the small bits and not everything together. Thanks for clearing things up. So, is this one of the ten stupidest questions asked here? I really am smarter than this I swear... One question.. What happens if the o ring is old and not sealing perfectly? Off to play with gasoline and matches... M
  12. Quick question for you all... I've got a 72 honda xl 250. As you can imagine the carb is quite oldLOL In taking it apart to clean it I took the main jet out, and now it wont go back in and stay. Im sure i don't have the terminology right but the main jet looks like a small plug. It has what looks to be a plastic sleeve around it that holds it in place...its partly cracked. Anyone have a fix for this? Other than a new jet? It may sound a little farfetched (i.e. stupid), but i was thinking of a little form-a-gasket to keep it in place but im unsure if thats a good idea for the innards for a carb... Any suggestions? I'm kinda getting desperate here... Maxx
  13. MaxxWilde

    Stalling 72 xl-250

    Well, I've got the carb apart and am soaking it... Quick question for you all... Once the main jet is out..how do you get itback in? I'm assuming mine is pretty old cause the black plastic "washer" is old and cracked. It came right out and now won't seem to stay... M
  14. MaxxWilde

    Stalling 72 xl-250

    Ugh, I knew someone was gonna suggest thatLOL Oh well, I think your probably right. I know I sprayed a little carb cleaner in it while it was running and it seemed to run a bit better after it got over having something other than gas/air in it. It's probably at least part of my problem. I've got the carb off and it's soaking in some cleaner to get the outside a little more presantibleLOL This'll be the first carb i've taken apart and cleaned, hope I can get it back together again Nah, I'm glad I got the Clymer repair manual Thanks for the jet numbers, too! I have another carb that came with the bike, so I've got replacements... but I wouldnt know the part numbers.... Again, thanks for the help, I'm very gratefull... Maxx
  15. MaxxWilde

    Stalling 72 xl-250

    I will! Thanks for the advice!! Maxx