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  1. cancan

    hi comp piston workz?

    hi, wat brand of hi comp is suitable for xr4? wat type and brand of high cams? stage 1 , 2 , 3, desert, woods? pls advice.. hehe thankas
  2. cancan

    hi comp piston workz?

    hi all, any advices on high comp? gd? does it leaks often like big bore? pls advice.. hehe
  3. cancan

    New XR400 from Italy

    wow, i juz hope that the forks n the eletrical starter kits are cheap to fiz into my xr 400 man.. hehe
  4. hi, may i enquire, which yr n which model suits xr 400? thanks
  5. cancan

    lower the bike

    hi mothermac, i am 162cm n should be 5'6" yar.. so i guess, maybe rear lower another 1' will be juz fine yar.. hehe
  6. cancan

    lower the bike

    hi XR_RON, err, dun get wat u meant by smoking anyways, dude? hehe KevinJamesKevin, are you refering the thinned the cushion of the seat? pls advice... thanks dudes...
  7. cancan

    lower the bike

    haha... me had convert my xr to sm.. moreover i am kinda short n hope to lowered it more yar.. hehe i will reduce my preload to check it out.. err, izzit the knob at the end of the spring? hehe thanks, dude...
  8. cancan

    lower the bike

    hi glennf, my intentions is to lower the whole bike down yar.. since my fork had been lowered till nearly touching the handle, the rear still kinda too high which i find it, too funny yar.. i was thinking if i can do something abt the rear shock to balance it yar...
  9. cancan

    OEM xr sm

    hi, any feedbacks on the OEM sm xr 400? wonder if the front fork fits the off road version of xr? hehe thanks
  10. cancan

    lower the bike

    hi, i have lowered to the max n with devol lowering link, nw i find the geometry is somehow wrong. front too low n rear kinda high... hehe i am using ohlins rear shock, wonder is there such thing such, short n stiffer spring for rear shock? thanks
  11. cancan

    lower the bike

    hi, is there any after market, springs for front n rear shock so as to lower down my xr4? hehe does race tech improved the feel? pls advice.... thanks...
  12. hi, any one selling aloop tank? hehe may i ask, does changing to high cam, what different does it have on xr4? pls advice, thanks... hehe stan
  13. cancan

    XR400 Super Moto--Sprocket ?

    hey, me running on a 15/38, because i am pretty much a highway rider yar.. hehe may i asked, the front can fit in a 16? wouldnt the guard be in the way? stan
  14. cancan

    side stand

    thanks for the advices, kelvinjameskelvin... hehe in singapore, most of the xr4 age 4yrs n above, had their side stand welded at least once yar... mine is coming to 4yr n trying to maintain the condition of my stand man.. hehe this is the main problem faced at my side yar.. hehe
  15. hi all, looking for the above stuffs, hopefully 2nd hand due to tight budget ... pls pm me if u got any yar,.. thanks... cancan