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  1. kimey46

    Yamaha Tri-z Starting Problem

    Hi there i have recently baught a 1986 tri z 250 and cannot get the thing to start. It seems to have good compression and the spark seems to be ok, but is getting wet when i try and start it, which says too me it must be getting fuel aswell. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am pretty stuck on where to go next. thanks steve
  2. Hi there, i currently own a 2000 yz400f and have a problem with the gearbox. 1st and 2nd gear are fine but when i try and select third it just grinds, when you go past third 4th gear seems to be fine. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem. thanks steve
  3. kimey46

    Yz400 Advice?

    Hi there thanks for the quick reply,is there a quick way of knowing if the timing chain and valves are ok.
  4. kimey46

    Yz400 Advice?

    Hi there i have recently won a yz400 99 model on the dreaded ebay. The description of the bike says that it is mint, but i was just wondering if you could give me any advice on what to look out for on the bike. Many thanks steve