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  1. haimesyboi

    yz250 high revving issue

    Hi, i have just replaced my crank bearings and seals on my 2000 yz250 and when i tried to start the bike it just literally red lines or wont run at all. there is literally no transition from dead to red line in an instant. it will not idle at all. the carb slider is sat at the bottom, the PV looks to be functioning properly. i have reinstalled my stock stator which has the timing marks on it. i have jump started it and you can ride mid-high range but anything below it just dies. any ideas?
  2. haimesyboi

    Yz 250??????

    The "speed strong power" is 85mph, but the claimed max speed is 60-70 mph!?? I need to get some of this "speed strong power" for my yz .I understand you needing the free toolkit but whats the mixing bottle for?
  3. haimesyboi

    00' 250 trouble kickstarting :(

    Ok well here it is i found the problem. I was getting desperate trying to find out what was wrong and decided to check if the stator coils were wet from previous river crossings, and i removed the cover to see my flywheel had snapped 4 out of the 6 rivets holding it together!! the remaining 2 had worn so the outer piece was loose and wouldnt make a good contact with the pulsing coil, but when the bike was bump started and running the centrifugal force kept it in the correct place! Now has anyone else ever had a problem like that? I have since replaced the rivets and the bike worked well for a short period but it now still has a starting problem. i could feel play in the crankshaft on the flywheel end, so i am currently replacing main bearings and seals. hopefully it will fire up when its rebuilt.
  4. haimesyboi

    250 Talon clutch basket wear?

    I think thats as good as the camera will go. i think i may just file the rough edges on the tangs flat, im guessing its not supposed to be like that?
  5. haimesyboi

    250 Talon clutch basket wear?

    I am currently replacing my crank bearings for the first time on this bike and i came across some wear on the clutch basket. It is an aftermarket Talon outer basket and the friction plate fingers appear to have worn grooves into only one side of all of the slots. the opposite sides are untouched. Also there is wear around the heads of the three pins in the center. The bike has allways had a rattle which disappears when the clutch lever is pulled, does anyone know whether this could be the culprit? cheers.
  6. haimesyboi

    00' 250 trouble kickstarting :(

    There is not a problem with the function of the kickstart mechanism, ive replaced the airfilter removed and cleaned the carb and reed valve, still no improvement. the bike still bump starts but i notice the power delivery is poor and quite spluttery. i guess i will have to tear into the top end and look into the P/V also? i have a complete spare exhaust system so i wil try that first. cheers
  7. my bike usually fires up second kick from cold with choke no problem. yesterday it started fine and i rode 1/4 mile to my friends house and killed it as usual with the switch. a couple hours later i started kicking with no joy just a nasty kick back at the very end of the stroke, when throttle is w/o. then we bump started it and it gragually came to life and ran good, as strong as it was before. when i switched it off it wouldnt kick for love or money, bumped it again and wheelied home no problems. i swapped for a new plug and it is still the same, has anyone experienced anything like this? from what i could see in searches they point towards blocked jets, broken reeds, dirty filter or low compression but no clear answer. the piston is pretty new and is still tough as before to kick. i will try to tear down tonight can anyone point me in the right direction? cheers
  8. haimesyboi

    Banjo brake light switches

    hi, does anyone have any experience fitting these? i have fitted the front and it is working fine but the rear switch is stuck on and does not respond to the pedal at all. any ideas?
  9. haimesyboi

    Reducing front pipe noise

    my concern was putting strain on the governor if the valve is pinned closed. by disconnect do you mean where the linkage bolts onto the shaft, the part which you use a pin to undo, and leave it free to move? will the valve sit closed by itself?
  10. haimesyboi

    Reducing front pipe noise

    wow the fibreglass wrap makes a huge difference!! surprisingly the restricting washer made hardly any difference at all! i noticed inside the powervalve linkage cover there is a locating hole with a groove on the linkage cam. could i use this to lock the PV in the closed position or would it damage the the PV clutch down below?? I need to pass the MSVA, i think with th fibreglass and the PV closed it will pass this time.
  11. haimesyboi

    Reducing front pipe noise

    well i have bought some fibreglass wrap and found a washer that will fit in the manifold, i will try them out tomorrow. i will also look into making a retainer for the PV coz im worried about it opening at the wrong times? do you just seal the airbox with the duct tape?
  12. haimesyboi

    Reducing front pipe noise

    cheers guys i will try getting some fibreglass tape do you just disconnect the powervalve linkage to dissable it?
  13. haimesyboi

    Reducing front pipe noise

    I have a 00' yz250 with a doma front pipe and silencer. I love that the bike sounds like its ripping the exhaust off when im on the gas, but im trying to get it plated in the uk so it needs to pass a couple nasty DB tests. so far i have fitted a replacement silencer one of those long elbow types that sticks right out, and it helps in the low rev range but as soon as you open the throttle the immense noise from the front pipe takes over. does anyone have any ideas to reducing the noise from the front pipe? i was thinking of buying a stock pipe or maybe some header tape/wrap, or perhaps a washer in the end of the exhaust? it doesnt have to be permanent it only has to pass this test once cheers.
  14. haimesyboi

    05 YZ 250 Vibrating??

    I have these exact same symptoms with my 00' yz250, any idea what this is??
  15. haimesyboi

    KMX125 fast on idle????

    hi, i have been rebuilding an 89' kmx 125. she fires straight up, runs nice and idles fine with the choke off 3/4 of the way. but as soon as you disengage the choke completely it revs right up, and when you engage the choke again to 1/4 on it returns to idle. any ideas? cheers