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  1. thanks alot!
  2. is the needle n8nf richer than n8ng? is it in alfabetic scale? richer n8ng.n8ng, n8nh, n8nj n8nw leaner?
  3. What jetting is recommended sea level 15-20 celsius. I have tried jetting by the book but that is not working. It is pinging and dinging when i go off the throttel. I have tried alot of jetting but i dont get it fine!
  4. exc 250-08 sea level, 10-20 celsius
  5. I cant get it good. What do you have in your carburator?
  6. what jetting is recomended stock seams to lean? exc250 -08-09 neadle? pilotjet? mainjet? startingjet?
  7. main bearing to the camshaft maybe? I had similar problem my te250-07 got really warm often and make a lot of noise
  8. hello i have one of these my self. And i have 194psi. I am fast and top 5 in the swedish champion chip E1. Tack och hej
  9. vad håller du på med berätta!!!! dubbelstöt eller?
  10. is it hard to make adjustment on the carburetor? Or do i have to take the gas tank and the rearframe away?
  11. Hove is the bike compared to 450 excf-07? Is the engine stronger or smoother? It looks very nice and light, its a shame that the 400 is gone that engine was wonderful here in the swedish wood.
  12. Why are the dealers selling and test this bike if the dont have the stuff for full power yet? Should it not be better to wait for the right stuff? I know a few peopel have buy KTM instead. Just beacuse they dont know hove it will work. Novemderkåsan and Gotland is soon.
  13. it was the same thing with the 07 and to get full power. I was told atleast 2 versions how to get full power or not. How should i as customer know what right or not with HVA . It the same thing every year at least 07 and 08
  14. I was told that it was a full power bike. They have swith a cable under the speedometer to get full power . It was the orginal exhaust , the other exhaust doesnt get any more power only lighter. That was what i was told if this is bullshit or not I dont know. I dont see why the dealer would lie to me, Beucose i dont by any HVA if that the case.
  15. it was the secondary maping.