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  1. chinook

    Bike choice, need help!

    My first bike was a TTR 125 which was great for the first year. Easy to ride and not intimidating but small wheels were soon to small for my height. I hen moved to a KTM 200 which was height adjusted and has a flywheel weight which makes it much more manageable. Great bike.
  2. chinook

    Colorado Women

    I am a dog groomer and my husband and I would like to try a Thanksgiving ride. Let us know about dates
  3. chinook

    Calling all Colorado/Denver folk!

    Try the Avon Vail trail system. Plenty of very fast two track and some very difficult single track. This is 1.5 hours west of Denver and can be accessed at three points, West Vail, Edwards and from Wolcott. Good LUck