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  1. codyrz

    Race fuel

    I saw that you were talking about the octane ratings I thought you should know that the true octane rating only goes to 100 every thing after that is just a performance #. For instance if you say 108 octane that means 100 octane + performance #8 additive which could be any number of chemicals to change the burn of the fuel
  2. codyrz

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    I have an 03 yz450f that i put the wr trans in and it was the best thing i ever did to improve the race ability in a desert race and yes it was a direct fit with no problem of any kind. It allowed me to change my rear sprocket from a 49 to a 43 an i still have a great 1st gear and an amazing 5th gear bike was clocked at an impressive 100.3 mph (Not a stock motor.)