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  1. Ok, so I finally purchased a bike after 20 years on the sidelines. A 400EXC that runs great but the left front fork leaks so much it leaves a puddle on the floor. I have never had a bike do that. Is this due to the upside down effect? How much am I looking at for rapir at the shop? Is it easy enough to do myself? Picked the bike up yesterday and just got back from my first ride. I'm a new man! Life is good again!
  2. I am 51, 210lbs, and have not ridden for several years. I use to ride a lot in the desert and race a few times in my earlier years. I now live in the mountains (5000'). I want to start riding again - mostly trail and some desert - no racing. My budget seems to lead me to a WR450, a XR400, a DRZ400.All a couple of years old. I just came across a KTM 400EXC that may be work. What do you guys think? I had a '82 KTM 495. It was a great bike, hauled ass and never broke but was a 2 stroke that only got about 50 miles on a tank. Ready for a 4 stroke. If the bike is in good shape - what's it worth?
  3. jspike

    Are Drz400e kickstarts reliable

    Ok, so how much is a kick starter?
  4. jspike

    DRZ400E,WR426,XR400? What to Buy?

    I'll assume the "magic button" is an electric start.
  5. jspike

    DRZ400E,WR426,XR400? What to Buy?

    I was in the WR forum and of course all I heard was WR. Just wanted some other opinions. I am looking at some trail and desert riding. I am 50 now, 210lbs, 6' and have not been riding for some time although I used to do it a lot before I broke my femur (KTM495). I want reliability, easy starting and easy handling without too much weight.
  6. Looking at these three bikes used about 2002-2004. Any recomendations?
  7. jspike

    WR426 - Pros & Cons

    Looking at purchasing a used bike for trail riding and some desert and sand riding. I am 205lbs, 6' and have not be riding for several years. I use to ride a lot (last bike KTM 495) and even raced a little when I was much younger. Just want to have some fun now. Any suggestions on a good bike to get?
  8. I am 50 years old. 200lbs. I use to ride a lot up until about 17 years ago when I broke my femur. (KTN 495). I would like to get back into it. I would like a bike that handles easy, starts easy, powerful enough without being to heavy, and reliable. I am looking at used bikes. I am considering a Yamaha WR426 or a Honda XR400R, or a Suz DRZ400. Am I looking at the right bikes or should I be considering something else. If these are what I should be looking at, which one is better?