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  1. TDS2277

    casting defect TM 530 e

    Guys, I just wanted you to know that I am the National Sales Manager for TM racing here in the US, I have recently found out, that TM actully Italy had a big Truckers Strike and, Italy the entire country was shut down for about a month, IE Parts were not getting into the Factories to build bikes.... Also Keep in Mind TM Racing shuts down from Dec 21st till Jan 7th .....Another thing to keep in mind is Italy's Political issues also that they have to deal with ..IE thier own Economy is not much better than ours at this time.....we are all in the Economy boat together. On another note TM sent out a Email that I just recieved on Friday Jan 25th That said this ( Keep in Mind that thier English is also in thier Typing ( I copied this from my email to this post, I did edit out the Email Addresses) From: TM Racing SpA - Trebbi Davide Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 6:33 AM To: Dan Barker Cc: ARNALDO; Tony Amoriello - TM Racing SpA Subject: Motorcycles WE are very sorry, but we are few months late. We have started the production in december 2007, and now we delivery the Motorcycles that ours Importers have ordered in september 2007, and now we stop the production because we have an inspection of our Government for the new Homologation. Im just posting this as I read that TM has not got back to you, in a timely fashion, they have been dealing with Country Stikes, and With new Homoloagation rules from thier government, So they themselves have had some new issues that they had to stop everything to make sure thier government Homologations and inspections were up to par. I spoke to Dan the Canadian Importer on Friday Jan 25th as well, and he has been importing TM's for going on 9 years now, and this is the first time in those years, where he ever had a bit of a problem getting bikes, The email above is the one he forwarded to me from TM, and it does explain why the delay for any of the Importers to get bikes. I would call I beleive it is Malcolm in New Zealand, or Shane in Australia, and ask them for some advice, on how to handle this issue, as Shane and Malcolm are very good guys to deal with. I certainly hope this information helps everyone out there in the World with some of the questions regarding this fantastic motorcycle called TM Racing Every Motorcycle on the planet has a issue at some point in thier manufacturing or thier riding/racing existense, Im not going to point any fingers at any of them, for thier faults....as I sincerely feel that there is a Motorcycle brand out there for everyone, so I do not believe that any brand of bikes belongs in the Garage, I believe every bike needs to be out there enjoying its rider as much as possible. Terry
  2. TDS2277

    Looking for a new exotic bike

    If you are interested in a 530F TM then call this guy, he is a Dealer in Florida, he is very knnowledgeable, and should be able to help you in your Exotic Quest Florida MUDD RACING 4337 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach FL 561-640-0242 Paul Muddenterprises.com
  3. TDS2277

    Looking for a new lid

    [/img]Here is a Fantastic Helmet, if you can try one one, the Entire TM Racing Team wears them as well as many of the European Teams, and in Europe they exceed all of the US Safety Approval standards
  4. TDS2277

    Ktm 690 Smc 2008

    What about the TM, Id like to see those specs with the TM compared to them
  5. TDS2277

    which bike to get

    I would suggest a TM 530F Black Dream a Street Legal TM Racing Bike, I dont have pics of the Black Dream per say, however it looks exatly like this, except covered in Black Plastic, and Black Powdercoated Rims, with Ohlins on the Front and Rear, and is Street Legal....also there is a Pre owned one on our web site as well, here is a link, I hope this helps http://www.motoxerotica.com/avail.php
  6. TDS2277

    need help buying a new bike

    Jackie, thankyou for the heads up, I appreciate it, Well I just want you to know, that TM also makes a TM 250F and a whole line of 4T MX and Enduro Models, I just didnt want you to think they only made 2T....Wich ever bike you choose, make sure to be safe and have fun, afterall that is what it is all about
  7. TDS2277

    sg10 or tech 7???

    I Ride with a the SG10's and couldnt be happier, Fantastic Boots, Break in as you ride, that is the wat to go. Mine are Bright Red, I love them
  8. TDS2277

    need help buying a new bike

    You know you might want to consider a 144, There are only two Manufactures that are producing the 144 TM and KTM From the people that I know that are racing them, they are telling me that the TM 144 is a very four strokable power delivery, if you will very smooth, and you can play around on it, These guys are racers Im Talking about, so they have an understanding of what a good bike would be, Here is a Pic they come in Blue or Black Also you might want to let us know what type of a rider you are, or at least where you ride, what is your terrian, Motocross, Desert, Sand????? That would be able to help some of the people on here, help you make the right decision. I have a 13 YR old Son and he is on a TM 100, his next bike will be the TM 144, he is just about ready for the 144, as it has the standard 19 21 tires on it, and he is almost 5' 5 long legs, so he is too big for the TM 100, so the 144 will be perfect for him at least for 2-3 years, or more There is no way I would let a beginner ride a 450F if it got away from them, it could be disastrous for the rider, or anyone else close by, a Woman or a child or even a vehicle.
  9. TDS2277

    Gas Gas or KTM 200

    You also might want to consider the TM , Fantastic Parts Availablity, Call the TM Dealers on the Dealers page of Motoxerotica, and ask them how fast they are getting thier parts. and ask them was anything on backorder. It is worth a shot
  10. TDS2277

    Boot Recommendation

    Garnae SG10 yes they might be more than what you are wanting to spend, but in the long run they are a fantastic comfortable boot, and well worth the money, they break in immediately
  11. TDS2277

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here is a TM Supermoto
  12. TDS2277

    Lets see those EXOTICS!!

    If you stayed with a 2T such as the one you have in the pic, you are nowhere near 9,500+ MSRP on a MX 300 with Ohlins is MSRP $7595 go with the Zokes and it is MSRP $7295 Now if you are thinking of the 4T yes you are a bit higher, I agree with you, however I have a few dealers that have some great buys on the TM 07 Enduro 4T and the 2T, shoot me an email
  13. I spoke to Steve Walters over at Second Lap Motorsports in Owosso Mi 989-723-0291 989-723-9467 We are working out the details as we speak, it looks very promising that he will be a Dealer For TM Motorcycles, Very nice guy, and for sure has the passion for TM Give him a call, Im sure he would appreciate the confidence
  14. TDS2277

    2009 Husaberg unvailed today

    WEll, I do have to admit, at least they are thinking outside of the box, Hey Man Change is Good, I Myself am not real clear on this 70 Degree style, but hey im sure they have hundreds of test hours behind something like this. It almost seems as thought they are going after the TM style of Carburation, with the TM Downdraft Motor, No one else in existance has done that, But I must admit no one else has done what husaberg has done with thier new 70 Degree engine. Im sure we will all keep an eye out for the Mighty Berg
  15. TDS2277

    Lets see those EXOTICS!!

    This is my sons 2007 TM 100 out at ACP in Arizona