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  1. moochie

    Any advice on recovery from hernia surgery?

    I had a double inguinal hernia repaired laparoscopically yesterday afternoon and I'm able to set comfortably. Walking I have to hunch over quite a bit to shuffle around comfortably or else it pulls and gets pretty painful down there. Burping and farting seem to be pretty elusive at this point and peeing is still a trickle due to the catheter they had in for the surgery. The hernia on one side had been around for years and after getting bigger it finally started to bug me, the other side was much smaller. Pretty much feels like I thought I would at this point and I'm just glad to have it over with.
  2. moochie

    Hardware Removal

    How about removing collarbone plates, anybody had any issues? I'm somewhat considering having mine taken out as it's uncomfortable when driving since the seat belt hits right on top of it. My doc said he wants his patients to keep them in for at least a year before taking them out.
  3. moochie

    Dr. Mark Injured ?

    Yep, the person mentioned on that motonews thread is actually an entirely different DrMark who participates on the mototalk mx board who's name is Dr. Mark Russell. He rides a lot of vintage races in addition to modern moto.
  4. My collarbone break was a nothing compared to other injuries in regards to pain. Dislocated shoulder was much worse and multiple Rib fractures were really annoying too. The dislocated shoulder pain rated right up there with kidney stones. Never had one, but I hear a dislocated hip would rate VERY high in the pain scale!
  5. In the post/link below, you talk about being married. What's up with the girlfriend comment?? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6803597#post6803597
  6. which is it llamaface? Are you married or do you have a girlfriend? Based on this post you talk about your wife, YET in your post in the link below you talk about your 5'3" 120lb girlfriend?? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6799280#post6799280
  7. moochie

    Leatt brace - any injuries

    I'm clueless on the ins and outs as to when a collarbone should be plated vs mending on its own. Having said that, it's hard for me to imagine how a collarbone that's broken in 4 places would be able to heal properly.
  8. moochie

    Experience of 6 broken ribs?

    Dayum dude, good luck with your recovery from all that! How long were you in the hospital for? Did you by any chance have a chest tube in to deal with fluid from the punctured lung?
  9. moochie

    Experience of 6 broken ribs?

    Regarding your comment about wrapping them up tight...that's definitely old school treatment. Wrapping them up tight is not the way to go as that can promote the onset of pneumonia.
  10. moochie

    Experience of 6 broken ribs?

    Did you mean to say that calcium prevents the healing of bones or was that a typo? I had two docs tell me that I should take 1500 mg per day.
  11. moochie

    Experience of 6 broken ribs?

    Hey, good luck with your 6 ribs...they can be annoying! I broke four along with my collarbone in March and I found that sleeping in the recliner was definitely the way to go for me as I could straighten the recliner up when I got up. The recliner position was also easier on my ribs when I was sleeping. I did that for about a month before switching to a bed and then about 2 months after the initial injury I was feeling pretty good and didn't really have any more issues with them. I'm sure you've noticed that if you roll to one side and help push yourself up with your arm helps when getting up. I took 1500 mg of calcium supplements every day also.
  12. moochie

    Leatt brace - any injuries

    Hmmm...I had the same exact injuries from a fall I took back in March, a broken collarbone, 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung. I normally do wear a Leatt but was NOT wearing it when I took this spill. If I had been wearing my Leatt at the time, I'm sure I'd be asking myself whether or not the Leatt caused the broken collarbone. Since collarbone fractures are such a common injury it would be difficult to say when a Leatt did or did not cause the break. I'd imagine helmets cause quite a few collarbone breaks but I'll keep wearing my helmet also.
  13. moochie

    We Need better Helmets

    There have been a few posts in this thread that have talked about the need for safer tracks and other posts reminding folks that we're involved in a dangerous sport. I agree with each of those thoughts, however, in my opinion neither of these points has anything to do with the need for the continuing development of better helmet designs. It's clear from the motorcyclist helmet link at the beginning of this thread that not all manufacturers are even on the same page when it comes to designing helmets for off road riding.
  14. moochie

    Re-broke my ribs.....

    I'd DEFINITELY suggest getting it checked out with a chest xray. True, they can't do anything for the ribs but.... I broke four ribs, by the time I made it to my doctor for xrays a week later I found out that I had punctured a lung and that the lung lining was pretty much totally filled with fluid and was pushing over on my heart and airway. I then had to spend a week in the hospital with a chest tube jammed in my side in order to drain all that fluid. If I had gone in sooner the fluid would have been seen before it had built up and I would have been in the hospital for a much shorter period of time.
  15. moochie

    Queasy/Sickness Feeling when Riding?

    Any chance this could relate to any of these factors? Inner ear problem that effects equilibrium. Corrective lenses that have recently been changed to bifocals or stronger bifocals. I cannot wear my bifocal lenses as they make me feel dizzy when jumping. Does your blood pressure get high when riding? High blood pressure will make you feel dizzy. Dizziness caused by any of the above could contribute to a feeling of queasiness.