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  1. DROB

    motomaster brake rotors

    We have been using them for over three years now. They have given us very good service. The oversized front rotor is a nice upgrade if you can swing the extra.
  2. DROB

    Whats the best Helmet Camera?

    +1 We have been using one for over a year now with no issues at all. You can check out some of the video in the Thumpertalk Racing forum.
  3. The term "hare" scramble comes refers to rabbits. If you go rabbit hunting, the dog jumps the rabbit and it will make a circle thru the brush and come back to where he started. So the term is used to describe the course...a circle thru the brush and hopefully you end up back where you started. And yes, as all these guys have stated...don't start racing hare scrambles if you already have something to do on the weekends...life sentence with no chance for paroll.
  4. It is magnetic. Get a flexible magnet and you should be able to get it. Don't rotate the crank shaft as it will probably trap it in the cam chain/gear. If you don't get it that way, remove the flywheel and stator and it will be right there where you can reach in and get it....a little time with the magnet from the top should do the trick.
  5. The black foam is flame retardant. It is made so you can run the filter without the back fire screen. It will perform the same as the other filter but you could remove the screen or use one of the Power Flow kits with the trick billet filter cage. Also, the bio oil is green in color so you can tell the difference.
  6. DROB

    Goggle question

    That is right. The 20 pack is to be a re-fill of sorts. Chris uses Spy and he just uses the two posts that are on the lens..seems to work fine.
  7. DROB

    Homemade truing stand

    +1 I use a piece of saftey wire that is twisted to give it some strength and put it under a bolt on the caliper. Bend it so it touches the rim..bingo, the wheel is held perfectly in place while you true it up. Or you can go with the other route..if you're feelin all Bob Villa and such.
  8. DROB

    Done did my part...

    Thanks again for the support shifter. Junior still is not feeling up to speed and it shows a little in the photo. Eric his PT, Keith Taulbee his DC and his general med doc are all trying to figure out what is making him so tired all the time. He is going for more blood work this morning and they hope to have enough information to figure something out and start a course of treatment to resolve the problem. For those that don't know, shiffter purchased a TT Racing shirt and that entered him in the monthly drawing to have his username placed on Chris' bike for a month as a thank you from us to all the TT members that support what we are trying to do. There ae MANY great folks on this site and we very much appreciate the well wishes and help everyone offers. I came on here over a year ago to get jetting information for our bike and found way more than I could have hoped. Thru a contact with John Currea of MX Tech who has done Chris' suspension work for over 6 years, we talked with Brian and Bryan and the rest they say is history. We have a tendency to think oustside the box and that has made things more difficult at times, but we feel we are doing the right thing. Chris is still young in off road age and has shown the speed when everything is going right. The odds probably aren't in our favor, but Chris is commited to making it happen, I am going to do whatever I can to try to help. Thanks again for all the support. I know it sounds overdone, but we really do appreciate the help everyone provides. We are living our dream..not everyone gets to do that...we hope you guys come along for the ride.
  9. I think there are alot of things we hope to add on the TT Racing side of things. We had 100 shirts printed and have sold a few in the last month, but not as many as you would think based on the response when we polled. We even let the members chose the design. I think it will just take some time for people to know they are available and can be purchased thru the TT store. When we have moved enough shirts to at least break even, we will start on some womens shirts and move on to other projects you guys suggest from there. BTW, if you haven't gotten your TT Racing shirt yet..check here http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=507415:cheers:
  10. DROB

    Cannondale Fuel Problem HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Give the guys at Optimum Power a call. Ask for Scooter and tell him the guys from TT Racing sent you. They developed the Fi and engine management system for the Cdale. 1-800-727-9520 EST 9-5
  11. and live to post hear again....probably not.
  12. Look for a last model year 85...color doesn't matter. You will get a good deal and he will have something he can ride for a year or two. 85 bikes don't change much year to year so if he wants to race in a year or so, you will have a bike that is plenty competetive enough. If he takes a growth spirt..you don't have a lot invested and can get into a bigger bike without taking a bath. If he can ride a skate board..at 13 he should adapt to an 85 just fine.
  13. DROB

    PW50 Oil injector

    All you need to do is plug the small oil tube going to the carb with a ball bearing. Also clean the area under the oil pump cover well every couple of months and lube it with WD40 so the cable doesn't pull hard. Install a 65 main jet and ride off into the sunset. If junior starts to get fast and work the bike hard..it's time to move on to something bigger. We raced PW's back in the day and if you push them hard you start to bend frames and such. BTW..yamalube R @ 40-1 is whatr we ran.
  14. Ladies shirts are next.
  15. DROB

    no fear spectrum

    Chris is wearing No Fear this year and it has been very durable. Everything has held up well and fits very nice. Chris had TLD for several years and their durability is very good. We were a little concerned if the NO Fear would hold up as well....it has.