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  1. Hello folks, (I am a Kraut so beware my bad english) since a few days I own a WR450 05. I am somewhat surprised about the free play (slack I dont know the right word for this) in the drivetrain. When you put the bike in gear you can turn the rear wheel back and fourth between 3-6 inches (6-10 cm). It is less in first gear 6 cm and more in 5th gear 10 cm. Measured frame to tire outside diameter. Somehow I had the impression that this "slack" was smaller with mz WR426 that I had before. I have the feeling that at low revs the slack cause some odd ratteling in the drivetrain... when I go faster higher revs etc everzthing seems fine. Can someone look at his WR and tell me if my measured free play is out of the ordinary? Kind regards Matthias the same in german Hello, ich habe seit ein paar Tagen eine WR450 2005 Ich wundere mich über das große Spiel im Antriebsstrang. Wenn ein Gang eingelegt ist, kann ich das Hinterrad 6-10 cm hin- und herdrehen. Im ersten Gang weniger (6cm) im 5 Gang mehr (10cm)... Mit einem Zollstock an den Reifenstollen gemessen. Das spricht dafür das das Spiel im Primärantrieb oder in der Kupplung ist... Ist das normal ? Meine WR426 vorher hatte das nicht so extrem. Ich bilde mir auch ein, das die Kiste bei niedrigen Drehzahlen in einem hohen Gang deswegen auch ruckelig läuft und komische klackernde Geräusche macht. Ansonsten läuft der Motor perfekt. Mich würden mal Eure Kommentare interessieren. Gibt es da etwas was kaputt sein könnte? Ich habe die Kiste als "fast neu" gekauft. Gruß MFP1706
  2. mfp1706

    Motocycle shops in Titusville, FL?

    Some 10 year old pictures: http://www.jpf.de/picture.htm
  3. mfp1706

    Motocycle shops in Titusville, FL?

    North of Hannover... My Dad (in-law) is a retired Marine and my wife was born in Florida. I am the kraut. We live in Germany for 15 years now. Thank you for the adresses ! Due to the current EUR / USD exchange rate it ist quite cheap for me to shop in the US.
  4. Hello folks, I would like to know where to find Motocross Accessory Shops in Florida. I will spend my vacation at my in-laws in Titusville, FL and I would like to shop for new pants and other motocross related tidbids. Titusville, Orlando, Cocoa Beach etc. I live and ride in Germany WR450, VFR 750, Audi A6 The headline translates: Where do I find Motocross Shops near Titusville. Kind regards Matthias
  5. Hello from Germany... I just bought a 2001 WR426 and I wonder if it has a battery...? I did not find one so far. Lighting etc. works fine when running. Taillight , Horn etc. And even a long while after I turn it off, I can honk the horn. But not for long. There must be a battery somewhere... there is none in or above the airbox. Help... where is it. Does anybody have a WR Wiring Diagramm? Other thing: Why does my bike not have a coolant reservoir. I got one (with some obscure tubes) in a cardbord box that came with the bike... Do I not need that? The questions may sound stupid but I am new with this 4stroke bike. But I was able to start it a couple of times... and test ride in our garden... Hot start is still a secret to me Matze