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  1. hndaridr

    tires sizes on xr100

    To be the same size as factory you would want to get a 70/100/19 for the front. The rear you would want a 90/100/16. Thats what I have found out buying new ones for my girls bike.. Hope that helps.
  2. hndaridr

    04 crf450 low-boy head pipe??

    I guess I should tell you what I am doing. I have a 2002 crf 450 . I bought a ti-4 low-boy rear section off of ebay. It is for a 04. Its like brand new. I want that on my 02 because it has the new style end cap and ect....Much nicer exhaust then the one for the 02. So i want a head pipe for that system. I mounted it up , It looks like I just have to weld a tab on to the subframe to hold the bottom of the rear section up. Am I doing this right or am I wasting my time.. feel free to hurt my feelings....... Thank you !
  3. hndaridr

    04 crf450 low-boy head pipe??

    Is this the correct headpipe for the low boy system? http://www.mxbike.com/catalog/Pro+Circuit+Titanium+Head+Pipe+Honda+CRF+450R+04 EDIT..............Thank you for the # I will have to just call , that way I know I get the right one.
  4. Need to get my hands on a head pipe for a 04 crf 450 . I have the TI-4 low-boy complete rear section. But dont have the head pipe to go with it. I went to pro circuits website. I found nothing that said low boy head pipe. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you I am also a new member here.