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  1. blazen

    sticky starter

    How can i fix the starter relay from sticking?
  2. blazen

    Fan issue

    Just bypassed the swith and the fan came on, so that is fine. i will take it for a ride tomorrow and let idle for 3 minuted and see what happens. If no fan then it must be the switch or thermostat?
  3. blazen

    Fan issue

    How long at standing idle until fan shoukd kick in?
  4. blazen

    sticky starter

    Thanks for your help. My machine is a 2006 kfx 400.
  5. blazen

    Suzuki sticky starter

    My starter keeps going for a couple of seconds after it is started. How can i fix this?
  6. blazen

    Suzuki Fan issue

    Just got my Z400 back from warranty service. They replaced the cylinder head and clutch cover. My fan has not come on yet after my first couple rides. Wire connections and the fuse are good. How long do you ride for until it usually comes on? I rode for about 35 minutes and no fan yet. Any help appreciated. thanks-alex
  7. blazen

    06 kfx 400 oil mixing with coolant

    Thanks, The kawi dealer is going to do the replacement. Hopefully that will fix it and it hasnt taken too much abuse.-Alex
  8. Hello, I just bought this machine and thought it was great. It ran great. But once I got it home and started to change the oil I see that it is mixed with coolant. I cant believe I didnt check before buying. I got taken by a scumbag. So I am trying to move on and get over this. Where should I start to trouble shoot where they are mixing? Is it the head? Water pump seal? I suspect the cause is an overheat do to a broken fan wire. Any help greatly appreciated. thanks-alex P.S.( any offers on machine welcomed. bought for 3200 would take 1800.)
  9. Hello, I just bought this machine and thougth everything was great. It ran great. So I bring it home and go to change oil and find coolant mixed in. I got taken by a scumbag. I cant believe I didnt check. Just bought on good faith. Well the kid isnt answering and am not sure I can get my money back. So how should I trouble shoot to find out where the oil and coolant are mixing? Is it a head gasket, water pump seal? I suspect an overheat since a fan wire was broken. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks -Alex P.S. (offers for the machine are welcomed too. bought for 3200. would take 1800).
  10. blazen

    450 cam starting problem

    I used a screwdriver the first time to find TDC but read it may not stay there.
  11. blazen

    450 cam starting problem

    Yes i did check the clearences. i reshimmed with 190, a little bigger. i will check timming tomorrow. The e-line ignition has no reference for top dead center so i may put the stock flywheel back on to make sure it is timed correctly.-alex
  12. blazen

    450 cam starting problem

    I just got it started by giving it some gas. Usually I never twist the throttle to start. And it is popping on decel now. My main jet is 170 and pilot is a 42.
  13. I just finished the 450 cam mod along with JD jet and needle. It took a while to get started but once it did it ran great. After letting it sit I was no longer able to start. It would backfire on most kicks. Turned the fuel screw out and still the same. Can timing be off even if it ran well? I have an E-line ignition so it is not as clear to line up the timing. Please help I want to ride. thanks-alex
  14. blazen

    exhaust on 426

    I have a pro circuit tappered head pipe and was wondering if i could fit my old fmf Iv Q onto it somehow. the fmf diameter is to small to fit over head pipe. but maybe it could fit if i removed an inch or so.(the slits). any help appreciated. thanks-alex
  15. how much for your plastics?-alex