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  1. I just got a 07' 250xc-f and my buddy just bought a 07 450xc-w and they look exactly the same so i was wondering were i could get my hands on a set of those factory redbull graphics.
  2. the s12 rear is nice to by the sounds then i was going to go s12 front and m12 rear but michigan is all frickin sand
  3. Hey i am looking at the michelin s12 front tire and i have heard that the michelin sizies are funky so i was wondering if a 90/90x21 will fit on the 250x
  4. thanxs guys thats kinda what i thought would happen
  5. so in other word it is illegal to take the yz450 in the woods cause it can be done and i was wondering if anyone has rode both of those bike threw the woods so yes i am comparing 2 diffrent animals is there sumthing wrong with that
  6. is all you have to do is spray a little bit of WD-40 on it and and scrub it witha scotch brit pad but make sure you go lenght wise with the pipe otherwise it will scratch
  7. i am very curious as to what u guys say i have heard lots of diffrent stuff
  8. hey am curius as to what shows up i have heard alot of diffrent things. thanxs
  9. hey will a six paddle rob just as much horsepower as an eight paddle
  10. ok thanxs
  11. Hey i have q about cornering i want to know the best way to corner witha bike on the single tracks i have heard many diffrent methods i just lock up the back brake and slide in and power out but some guys come flyin in hit the front brake and bake brake to stop there bike then rev it up pop the clutch and get out of there what do u guys do.
  12. I was in silver Lake Michigan a couple of weekends ago on quads yes it was sweet yeah i know quads Boooooo i have a 250x i normally ride but my buddy just got this old peice of u no what quad for free some suzki230l or sumthin i dont no but anyway if you have ever been to silver lake there are these little water holes all over well some arent so little they can get up the 18 feet deep and he thought he would hydro plane across this sucker on his old quad with bald tires so he gets goin about 40 tries to lift up the front tire and skipp asross it was going smooth i thought he was gonna pull it of and then the worst happened his front right dropped in and he went over the handle bars and the quad ended up flipping over in the middle of the puddle and zack dosent even get wet cause he was airborne for so long he landed on the other side he said he was a little soar but thats it. The second one was when we launched are quads from the top of test hill and laned about 3/4 of the way down it was nuts but we both landed so it was all good
  13. He knows what hes talking about he showed me the mr clean magic spunges and they are awsome you can buy all the expensive cleaning products you want and nothing will work as good as the mr clean magis spung just get the one without the blue scrubby on the other side those dont work as good but they also work very good on the aluminum frame they take the black boot rub off.
  14. Hey i was wondering if you could get me a hyper link for that paddle tire so i can get her ordered up.
  15. Hey i just got back from Sliver Lake Michigan Sand Dunes on my Dads TRX300Ex i i need to go back up there in my own setting on a two wheels innnnstead of four but i have heard there has been issues with a paddle tire rubbing on the chain or somthing dumb like that i was wondering what type of paddle you run so i cant ear it up next time. Thanxs Winners ride red