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    I weigh about 220 with gear on.I've had an 03 crf450 and an 06 ktm450sx and an 06 250sxf.I'm thinking about going back to the hondas and I've never ridden a pumped out 250f.Both are fun but I notice that when I start to get tired after a long day in the tight stuff that I have to be carefull with the 450 so I just wanted to get some thoughts.Of course the fun factor means a lot to me.
  2. What do you guys think is a better overall offroad bike, a pumped out big bore 06 crf 250r or an 06 crf450r? Lets say around a 280 with a cam,head work and exhaust.06 450r with a stock motor and maybe a heavier flywheel and an exhaust to smooth things out.Not much mx,but a split between tight single track and some high speed whooped out desert.The 250 is going to cost more but it's gonna be awesome in the woods.The 450 will still do pretty good in the woods but will probably bring the smiles in the open stuff.So whats the ultimate offroad weapon?
  3. stchurch

    06 quiet s/a exhaust system?

    Do you have an FMF Q ?
  4. Anybody have experience with a reasonably quiet spark arrested full system on your 06 450r? I'm not interested in more power,but I'm not interested in losing power either.Is it possible?
  5. stchurch

    anyone in california bought a 06 yz 250

    I just paid 5499 otd last month at East Bay Motorsports in Hayward.I think their having a March sale for 5449 now.Talk to Ben Rippey. Tell him Steve Church told you to call.
  6. stchurch

    06 yz250 jetting

    I haven't even started it up yet.It's been snowing too much, but I figured I'd get it ready.
  7. I thought I'd start here before I start experimenting.I need some jetting advice.I've got an 06 yz250 and I've just recieved a jd jetting kit,vforce3,fmf turbine core 2, and an slp power pack.I ride mostly at about 4000 to 6000 ft. and the temp this time of year is about 40 to 50 degrees.Any suggestions?
  8. stchurch


    Sounds like a great cam.So where do I get one? You guys ever do TT group buys for parts etc.?
  9. stchurch


    Thanks for the info.Is there a web page with info on the 187?What I really like is a relatively smooth but very powerfull powerband. The bike already has plenty of power, but you now how it is,gotta have more.
  10. stchurch


    Has anyone used a stage 1 or stage 2 hotcam on their 05 450r. Loose any top end with the stage 1? Loose any low end with the stage 2?