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  1. Thought some might appreciate this project I've been working on (aka: dumping mass cash into)... We've tried all kinds of bikes, and I consider this to be the ultimate setup for a girl (trail ride / touring). My wife isn't a beginner rider, more of an intermediate. She likes the bigger bikes, it's just that she's a little too short for them and gets into trouble quickly. Her friend has a lowered 250f, but its too heavy, and still too tall. The 150 is light enough so she can ride on her own, and it's easy to start too. We plated this bike, and added the Rekluse - the thing rips and is super fun to trail ride now. She rides it to work often. Black wheels Dez tank kickstand Baja Designs Dualsport kit trailtech stator, battery, and flywheel JD jetting CRF headlight (soon to be LED) 2" bar risers Rekluse clutch rear view mirror *** haven't been on TT for some time.. whats the deal with the image extension?
  2. The following is an Email from Mammoth M/C. I know some of you guys ride/live in Bishop... Just a heads up to everyone who actually uses offroad motorcycles for recreation: This Saturday, June 1st, “Friends” of the Inyo (the local non-motorized hiking club) will be holding a dirt bike singletrack “maintenance event” in the Black Canyon area (“woodcutters trail” I assume). Unfortunately, it’s been our experience that this group is NOT interested in preserving motorcycle single-track – They’re an extension of the Sierra Club with the same anti-motorized agenda (financed by greensticker cash of course). As most of you know, during the so-called “Travel Management Implementation” process, the “friends” took it upon themselves to relieve the greensticker fund of over $600,000; using said funds to close/barricade 99% of ALL local Mammoth area singletrack and ATV trails, and over 900 miles of Jeep roads. FOI made no improvements to dirtbike trails in this area, and considered motorcycle Singletrack to be unsustainable and without benefit (to us of course). The “friends” have temporarily (and unsuccessfully) changed the way we access our favorite trails, and it’s our responsibility to prevent any further “management” (aka: damage and trail destruction) from taking place. I realize it’s hard for any of us to compete with a “for profit” & “paid by taxpayers” organization, but if you have free time this Saturday, head down to bishop (Black Cyn) to provide supervision and authority to this overzealous (non-motorized) work party - our local Forest Service is without resource or ambition at this time. Below is the FOI press release with details. Also, we’ll be discussing this situation further at our meeting tomorrow night. FYI: I will blast this email to: Mammoth M/C email list & website, Thumpertalk.com, Sneakers M/C, as well as the “Friends” of the Inyo group. Feel free to spread the word. Nat'l Trails Day: Black Canyon Single Track Maintenance DATE: Jun 1 2013 Volunteers will cut back brush and limbs and clean up the trail tread on this winding multi-use bike, hike, and motorcycle trail connecting the White Mountain Road to Black Canyon. Meet at 8:30am at the 395 and 168 Junction just north of Big Pine at 8:30am. Snacks, drinks and tools provided. Please dress for warm, dirty work: closed-toed shoes, long-sleeves, hat and sunglasses. Call Andrew (andrew at Friendsoftheinyo.org) at 760-873-6500 for more details. andrew@friendsoftheinyo.org paulmc@friendsoftheinyo.org
  3. For those that care, here's an email i recieved from the FS regarding the new version of the CTUC map. "I’m using Ed Waldheim’s mailing list with some changes/additions, because this seems a good place to start. If you want to share this message with anyone else who may have an interest in the CTUC recreation map edits for our next reprint, please share this as you think helpful. The California Trail Users Coalition and the USFS with funding from the CA OHMVR Division, will be reviewing, editing and reprinting the North half map (basically from Bishop to Mono Lake and Montgomery Pass area) by the end of this summer. We are soliciting and compiling your comments about the map – specifically individual changes, additions, and text edits to both the front (map) side and the back (information) side. I think most folks in this group have seen and/or have copies of the map in question, but they are available at any Inyo National Forest office, the Bishop Chamber, and I’m happy to mail you a copy, if you send me your address. We’d suggest directly marking up the changes that you see, and either attaching post-its or writing on the map itself. If you have minor text changes, you can write them on the map, or for more major wording suggestions, it’d be great to get them in a document, so we can paste/edit. We’d like to have your suggestions by Friday, June 8th, if at all possible. You can either send a message with your ideas to this address, or hard mail to me at 351 Pacu Lane, Suite 200, Bishop, CA, 93514. You are also welcome to join Jerry Counts and myself at an open meeting on 5/17 - next Thursday evening at the Forest office on Pacu Lane. We’ll be meeting from 5pm to 7pm, and will have the maps spread out, so would be happy to entertain your ideas there. Drop in whenever you want for as long as you wish to work on this with us. We are also considering (if funding adjustments work out and permissions from the OHMVR Division are gained), printing a more detailed map of the Mammoth/June area, so would like your ideas on this as well. If we move forward with this, we’ll want to work with interested folks to highlight the key opportunities and get some good text and photos. Looking forward to hearing from you! (Or seeing you next Thursday)! Call or email me if you have questions! Cheers! marty" ...Well, if anyone wants in, here's your chance. see ya!
  4. here's a quick re-cap of the meeting we had a couple days ago... it concerns access in the Mammoth Lakes area - thought you guys might be interested Original article found here 3 Board members of the Mammoth Motorcycle Club met with representatives of the USFS and State to discuss local OHV closures (and other topics). FS representatives included Rick LaBorde, Marty Hornick, and Lisa. Sixto Fernandez was also in attendance. Sixto is more than just a sexy name; he’s actually the grant manager from the OHV Recreation Divison for the State of CA. So Sixto started the meeting by explaining what he does and why he came to visit Mammoth. Basically, Sixto is the money man… What the young people these days call “Baller.” Sixto made the trip up to Mammoth to check on the different groups (basically the USFS and Friends of the Inyo) that have been taking money (aka: receiving grants) from him (aka: from your green sticker fees), and he’s making sure that they’re keeping their nose’s clean and do what they’re supposed to. We liked to hear that these groups were being held accountable by someone – who knows what they’d be doing with the cash if they weren’t held in check? After listening to what Sixto had to say, Mammoth M/C then offered up their side of what’s happening with his cash… and it wasn’t pretty. We told Sixto that FOI (Friends of the Inyo) have been “running amuck” in the forest – closing roads and erecting barricades like there’s no tomorrow. We told Sixto that the Friends of the Inyo was a major player in the Route designation process, and like any organization… they had an agenda. During the process, the FOI was using paid employees to scout out roads and decide whether or not they had “value,” and whether or not they should be closed. Being a “wilderness” organization (with obvious ties to the Sierra Club), the FOI focused in on their agenda, and the single OHV user’s input was mostly if not entirely forgotten – there was virtually no motorized singletrack that made the cut. Apparently those types of trails had no value to the Friends of the Inyo. Anyways, during the process, it was an obvious imbalance – and who could argue? Eastern Sierra Locals (or local clubs) didn’t have the man power or the funds to compete with the FOI … After all, they had a business to run and were getting paid to generate hundreds of access closing comments. And now… during the implementation process we’re seeing it again. The FOI is closing access to many of the same roads that they suggested be closed to begin with (convenient). We then discussed the manner in which these roads are being closed (i.e. barricades, logs, and tree limbs, etc). The closures do a good job at blocking everyone and everything at using the trail, and no care is taken for non motorized users. Joe also showed photographs (taken by an anonymous Mammoth Lakes resident) of trash and other stuff that was apparently left behind by one of these “work crews.” Rick questioned the photos, and didn’t believe they were trash from a trail crew. We’ll never know. We also discussed the closures (by FOI ) that were attempted out at the Inyo Craters parking area (2 in fact). FOI attempted to “shrink” the parking area even after specific instructions not to. Unfortunately, since this was not related to travel management no one seemed to care much… nice. This led to a heated debate regarding how "experiences" are different from "opinions". Truths arise from experiences. We also talked about the tremendous amount of “system road” closures out by June Lake area. It seems that June Lake residents are as confused as we are – what the heck is going on??? Marty was curious as well, and informed the group that system roads are not to be closed, and any closures of system roads are going to investigated and eventually reversed (if found to be true). Marty stated that the Route designation process was aimed at only closing or including “non system” roads. **** System roads are pre-existing roads that already have a designation or number assigned to them (i.e. 1S302..etc) The group then discussed the Shady Rest mtn bike trails. Lisa, a current USFS employee, offered up her opinion to the group, saying that the many roads and trails around Shady Rest Park were in fact closed to both motorized and non-motorized. She said that they’re closed so people will not use them – that’s the whole point. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir within the group, and Lisa was quickly “re-educated…” Mammoth M/C as well as FS personnel informed Lisa that these roads are OPEN to non-motorized use – Travel management is for motorized only. We understood why Lisa was a bit confused by this fact, as nothing makes sense when it comes to travel management. Lisa also suggested that if we have any complaints that we should write it down and send it in. I told Lisa that I’m getting tired of the e-mails, and they don’t seem to accomplish much. Rick and Marty then helped me understand why these mtn. bike trails were altogether closed without any care to non-motorized users. They explained that these so called mtn. bike trails aren’t “official” mtn. bike trails at all… and aren’t on any map stating such. The arrow signs that have been placed there weren’t “officially” done and they aren’t “officially” recognized as a mtn bike trails… That being the case, FOI was correct in lumping them in with motorized roads…. Rick also added that if FOI had made a pathway through the closure (for non motorized users) it would only invite motorcycles to break the law and ride through them. I can picture it now… A “mountain bike travel management” program in the near future – and Sixto can provide us green sticker cash… and we can have the girl scouts head up the work parties to close them! Don’t laugh… I’m dead serious. I appreciated the explanation, no matter how weak, but couldn’t recognize it as a valid one. It’s not up to Rick (or anyone for that matter) to interpret what “could” happen… As a federal organization (for the people), the Forest Service should be concerned about who’s being affecting by these closures, and whether it serves the public... Sixto did a fine job of moderating and suggested that our 'beef' was not with the FOI but rather the USFS. He also commended the InyoNF and stated that other NF's aren't as open and often do what they want (N.CA was mentioned). Ultimately, Sixto gave his/our $600,000 stamp of approval to FOI. Marty offered that we meet again to discuss these important issues (valid), and I agreed… But shouldn’t we have taken our time in the first place…. And maybe involved the public a little more in the implementation process… So we wouldn’t have to take 2 steps forward and 3 backward? Nevermind, don’t answer that. Growing tired, I then asked Marty and Rick (since these trails are completely legal to use for non motorized) if it was ok to remove the various branches and trees limbs that the FOI had placed there (so I could access the trail with my mtn bike). They agreed, and said that as long as I do not remove the posts and signs, I could legally ride around them or create a walking path or mtn bike trail through them (or wheelchair access). I was happy to know this, and look forward to fixing the many trails I enjoy riding with my mtn bike (and walking on with the dogs). Rick then brought up the idea of a NEW signed OHV loop from Mammoth to June Lake… and expressed a desire to work with our club on the project. I liked this idea very much, and I’m more than willing to help lay out a fun and exciting route. We shall definitely keep you posted on this new development. In the end, the group said their goodbyes, and before we departed Rick complemented me (MammothMC el presidente) on our colorful and informative mammothmc.com website! editor's notes: Big thanks to Miguel at the GoodLife Cafe and his staff for putting up with a lunch ticket separated 7 ways, and for the food - we appreciate your great service and your week day all-you-can-eat specials. Thanks too to Marty for keeping a level head and not being afraid to get into the mix. More USFS personel and NGO's would be likened to follow his example.
  5. desert4seat

    Why don't more towns embrace ohv like mammoth does

    You sure? There are plenty of fun single track sections in the Mammoth area - but you sure as hell wont find them on any map... or website. The good stuff is well hidden. RIDE REPORT You'll eventually find what you're looking for - but sometimes you got to put the time in.
  6. desert4seat

    Mammoth Lakes: USFS illegally detains dirtbiker

    How about more than one bad apple? Will that spoil the bunch? Or how about the CONSTANT overreaching of authority... does that spoil it? For the record... this lady is NOT a LEO. She was driving a truck - no lights, no siren, no nothing. She used her vehicle to make an illegal barracade on hwy 203, causing an unsafe situation in the middle of the roadway. Who hires these people anyway? Her "way" of interacting with OHV users goes hand in hand with what's happening up here... F-ing out of control. It's starting to look like Jawbone out there with all the brown signs in the road. They're going NUTS with closures! Along with the closures are the attitudes.... and the lies... and the illegal activity. Anyways, Thanks for the support guys, this isn't over.
  7. Thought you guys might be interested in some of the new tactics the USFS is using up here in Mammoth Lakes. I guess we're all criminals? Guilty until proven otherwise... Here is the e-mail I wrote to our local FS rep: John, It has come to our attention that one of your Forest Service employees has been conducting illegal detentions on OHV users and spreading lies about closures, etc. The incident in question happened last week (Wednesday 7/20). One of your employees was driving on hwy 203 (pulling a trailer with a UTV on it). A group of 3 motorcyclists (Mammoth M/C members) were about to cross the 203 to explore some of the trails around Shady Rest Park. After one rider had crossed, your employee (female) decided to pull her vehicle over to the side of the hwy and physically block the OHV trail where the riders intended to cross to. As you can imagine, this caused an unsafe situation in the middle of hwy 203 as there was nowhere for the rider to go. After She blocked the trail, she exited the vehicle, approached one rider, and forcefully grabbed his handlebars. This prevented him from leaving (all this was happening on the hwy). After fully detaining the rider, she started in with the lies and unintelligent lecturing: “This is a closed trail, you guys are breaking the law and I’m going to call Law enforcement!” The rider calmly explained to her that there isn’t a closed sign on this trail, and he was merely crossing the hwy in the same safe manner that he has been doing for the last 10 years! She ignored his reasoning and continued on with her argument (all the while holding onto the rider’s handlebars…on the side of the hwy) explaining that, “All singletrack as well as quad trails in the Inyo is illegal and will eventually be closed! The only thing that is open to OHV use is roads, and if they aren’t signed they’re closed too!” The trail where the rider intended to go is located entirely on the 203 embankment, and closing it would be illegal (on your part). I’ll be contacting Caltrans next week to find out exactly how much land on each side of the hwy is in their “right of way.” Usually, Caltrans has right of way ownership of about 30 feet from the edge of the hwy (shoulder). This could change however with each hwy. She eventually released our club member but not without mentioning to him that she’ll be back to close this trail soon so don’t bother using it again. Our club would like to know what the reasoning was behind this detention, and Is this new FS policy when enforcing the so-called “travel management decision (ROD)?” We hoped that the USFS employees would have a little more restraint with their tempers, and we expected to be treated in a professional manner – as you would treat anyone you work for. We were not. Our member was illegally detained and treated like a criminal. Not a real smart thing to do, especially during this fragile time of Route designation “implementation.” I'm sad to say that this has only created more anger and mistrust between the local ohv community and the USFS. Please know that these continued acts of overextending your so-called authority will not be tolerated by our club. Remember last year we have a similar problem with one of your “Rangers,” who would patrol on a dirt bike and constantly harass campers out at Grant Lake (on LADWP land)? This is just more of the same treatment. John, please forward this e-mail to Mike Schlaffman, I was unable to find his e-mail address and I’m sure he would be interested in this incident. Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply James xxxxxxxx President Mammoth M/C mammothmc.com Well, there you have it. I guess that'll teach him to stop for any FS representatives again! And ... she's 100% incorrect on her statement about quadtrails and singletrack all being closed! We have leagal ST and plenty of quadtrails.
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    Vintage Pics!

    Thanks! bike build thread coming soon
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    My 84 CR500 rebuild

    sweet! Good to hear that all your hard work paid off! Now... lets see them pics!
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    Mammoth Mx

    If you want some more information on the Mammoth MX track, GO HERE Read the article, and watch the movie... there's a bunch of other info on our website as well If you have some comments you can write to me, I'll be sure and get them to the right people... James President, Mammoth M/C
  11. desert4seat

    Vintage Pics!

    My 1984 CR500 "Rally conversion" (aka: money pit) comes complete with: HID, GPS, extra fuel, tall gearing, and low(er) compression.
  12. desert4seat

    My 84 CR500 rebuild

    HAHA! That's funny... cause I felt the exact same way when mine was done. After 7 months of rebuilding and tinkering, I was a little hesitant. Especially when a crowd of friends showed at that exact moment - wanting to see it run! And sure enough, there was plenty wrong - right off the bat! HAHAH! But that's ok, I just worked through em (with your help of course). Light that bi@#% up!
  13. desert4seat

    NORRA Preview - send me your info

    I've posted this before, but since this is a new thread... Who: 3 members from Mammoth M/C will be there - sharing riding duties. Bike: a 1984 CR500 (Rally Conversion). The plan: Finish in Lapaz, w/ no flats:smirk: the complete bike (re) build (lots of details and tons of pics from start to finish) will soon be found on our website: www.mammothmc.com Good luck to everyone!!!!!
  14. desert4seat

    NORRA Preview - send me your info

    Hey Rotten Rob... are you (and your Ranger) out of Mammoth Lakes, CA???
  15. desert4seat

    My 84 CR500 rebuild

    Yeah uh... you're right that's not "stock." I actually bought the "bike" off some Fresno tweekers... I guess they thought it was a good idea.