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    If TT had a more in depth SM sub forum - I'd be here more. The attitude over there sure isn't very friendly at times.
  2. wedrivezs

    Cush Drive?

    A cush drive is not a weakness. My 170 HP ZX-12 has a cush drive and functions just fine at the drag strip. I've never heard of a cush drive helping out the transmission. It's true I'm sure, but I doubt the main purpose of the cush. From what I've been told by many 50-60 year old riders who've been in the saddle since birth (it seems ) say the cush drive is to keep a person from losing controll of the rear wheel applying power coming out of a corner. Gives it a cushion for that initial "pop" of power, transitioning of engine breaking going into engine power. Just my two cents. I'd agree with the SMR not having one due to it's a race bike. Local guy has a Factory Race 69 Shelby GT500 Mustang with exactly 1200 miles on it. I'd doubt it's got a cush drive either
  3. wedrivezs

    Ideas on wheels?

    Well, the local shop is going to hook me up with Pro wheels. The owner is a good friend and owes me a favor for installing all his windows - so at his cost - I'll get rims with custom made spokes for a WR factory hub for under $500.00 So I'd guess normal pricing would put you just over the $600.00 mark for the pro wheels with custom spokes. Thanks for the info guys as I checked into alot of the responses. - Corey BTW, he also gave a hot tip on a '05 KTM 540 stroker with less than 10 hrs of ride time, only been flat tracked, and SMoto'd for $4500.00 or $5200 if I take the MX wheels too. Very Very tempting, but no electric start - that would suck in the woods as I stall out a lot. I may try and buy it in a month.
  4. wedrivezs

    Ideas on wheels?

    Doing up a WR450 motard, and guys I'm broke. In the middle of trying to finish a house to sell, move the fam into a apartment.........going to build a house.... anywho, I'm finding some used hubs, and looking for the cheapest alternative to wheels. Who's got the hot tip on cheap wheels? Where to buy just wheels and spokes? Anybody know where to buy pro wheels, just the wheels/spokes in a 17" - everywhere I can find them they only sell the standard sizes...
  5. As far as the aluminum frame goes, I doubt the engineers blew all that time to go backwards.
  6. wedrivezs

    05 or Newer Fork Guards on 04, Will they Fit

    If they'll swap over you can have my '06 fork guards I can't run my Moose dirt wipers - they chew them up. I liked my '04 fork guards way better.
  7. wedrivezs

    Have you seen the new klx450r????

    when is this going to hit the showroom?
  8. wedrivezs

    sport bike guys, does the WR 450 rip

    It's like riding my ZX-12R in dirt form. I sold the 12R 2 weeks ago - come spring I'll be atop a ZX-14 - it'll be blue to match my yammie
  9. wedrivezs

    Best Skid Plate

    Moose is the beefiest one out there. Darn near bulletproof.
  10. Riding up to the burger joint, about 20 miles on a trail. Eat, leave, it's dark out 54 degrees in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dave's riding a '04 WR450, I'm on a '06 WR450. We head back on a different part of the trail we've only been up and not down. Needless to say we miss our exit point and get lost. It's 9:15, we're not doing bad. About half tank of fuel in his - I've got the IMS - I'm doing good. 500 yards down the trail a rock wacks his shin and pulls his body off the bike and he goes down the lowside of the hill - hanging on the bars the whole way down. I come around the corner to see a WR450 running upside down ontop of dave. I leave mine running for the light, hop off help pull the bike up. He's about half fugged up but still is able to ride. Meanwhile my header is CHERRY RED. I kill the bike and radiator fluid is just flying out the overflow......This is about the time I noticed his radiator is totally screwed, and leaking bad. Great, I'm thinking we're screwed. Dave had confidence, I didn't. We both run MX4T Mobil Synthetic oil. So we fire them up, too dark to walk, and no moon out yet. Head down the trail and hit a fire road. Listened for a nearby road we thought we were by and sure enough we heard a vehicle. So about 3 miles of fire road and it dumps us off onto the main highway. We got into Nemo, made a phone call to the wife - let her know it's gonna be 11:00 PM before she needs to worry. Dave thinks it's gonna run, so back down the fire roads we head back to the truck. About 45 minutes of running in 45-50 degree weather over about 15 miles with no antifreeze whatsoever. So if you pop your radiator, and if you need to make it back home, have faith it'll make it. I'm impressed to say the least.
  11. wedrivezs

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Where did you get the plastic?
  12. Anyone know of where to get some?
  13. wedrivezs

    warrier 350 2000

    A-S-S? Everywhere else here at thumper talk I've seen nothing but civilized replies. I'm glad I own a WR450 which seems to be owned by older mature adults
  14. wedrivezs

    FREE MODS 4 250ex...

    I was hoping to see a picture of your fan mod
  15. wedrivezs

    give me some info on the 250EX

    she's tiny, and a NOOB. Sounds like it will keep up with my "riding with noobie pace" on my WR450. Besides, there is NO 4 wheeled machine that will keep up with a dirtbike, unless it's a dirtbike with training wheels