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  1. A 2019 Husqvarna TE250i Comes with 14 Front Sprocket/50 Rear Tooth Sprocket....Dropping 1 Tooth Sprocket on the Front (13 Tooth) would be like Adding 3 Teeth to the Rear Sprocket. So your Final Gearing would be 13 Front/50 Rear....
  2. nothinbutair

    Husqvarna WR250 parts and advice

    First I would try Replacing the Battery in your Speedo. If that doesn't work, I would definitely go with a Trail Tech Speedo..... https://www.trailtech.net/922-119 https://www.trailtech.net/912-119
  3. nothinbutair

    te250i dash is not working

    Changing the Battery will Fix all of your Problems...
  4. nothinbutair

    Cutting the stock head squash band

    Save yourself the Trouble, and Time...Phone RK TEK and Purchase a RK TEK Head. They will ask what Octane Fuel, the Type of Riding you do, Altitude and what Mods are Done...
  5. nothinbutair

    TE300i fuel economy?

    Bought These at MEC (Mountain Equipment CO-OP) I would Carry at Least One Container in Case You Run out of Fuel....I own a 2017 Husqvarna TX 300 and carry one Just in Case...
  6. nothinbutair

    Rear Sprocket TE 250

    Trying to fit a 52 Rear Sprocket will hit or be very Close to your Chain Guide....
  7. nothinbutair

    Enduro Pro Tect Concepts

  8. nothinbutair

    Enduro Pro Tect Concepts

    Looking at the Pictures, you will need a Triple Clamp off a Newer Husqvarna, like my 2017 TX 300?
  9. nothinbutair

    Rear Sprocket TE 250

    13/51 is a good Gearing Set Up...You would have a Tough Time fitting a 52 Rear Sprocket.....
  10. nothinbutair

    Enduro Pro Tect Concepts

    I have a set of Cast Triple Trees Off of my KTM 450 XC-w i will sell you dirt cheep....
  11. nothinbutair

    Computer frozen

    It may be as simple as a dead or low Battery...Try replacing the battery?
  12. nothinbutair

    Wiring Diagram - 2017 TE300

    http://sicassracing.com/store/products/lighting_kits/husaberg/2014-17_husaberg_husqvarna_2_stroke_te_lighting_kit_with_turn_signals?cPath=105_19_68& http://sicassracing.com/store/products/turn_signals/led/sicass_white_turn_signal_hand_guard_deflectors http://sicassracing.com/store/products/turn_signals/led/clear_lens_led_flex_mount 2014-18 Husaberg/Husqvarna 2 Stroke TE Lighting Kit with Turn Signals Part #: 21-268 $350.00 SICASS racing's lighting kit with turn signals for the 2014 Husaberg, and 2014-17 Husqvarna TE's puts to use the items you already have, the kit plugs directly in to the existing head light and tail light saving you time and money. This kit ties into the existing relay system on the bike and turns off when the relay times out so there is no chance of battery draw when the bike is being stored! Kit includes: SICASS racing Multi-Function bar switch 12v DC Horn rear brake switch license plate light license plate mounting plate front and rear turn signals complete wiring harness ALL mounting hardware and instructions Fits: Electric Start Carburated TE's: 2014 HUSABERG TE 2014-18 HUSQVARNA TE* 2019 HQV TE150 *DOES NOT FIT:NON Electric Start or NON Carburated TE's: 2015-16 TE125 2018-19 TEi
  13. nothinbutair

    2019 rear axle size

    Oh I Understand now. You Need Wider Spacers!!!
  14. nothinbutair

    2019 rear axle size

    By simply changing the bearings, which may be fine, the inside diameter of the new bearings will fit your 2019 300i....Just buy the new bearings that fit your 2019 300i...
  15. nothinbutair

    2019 rear axle size

    Simply just change the Bearings in the Talon Wheels to fit your 2019 300i.....