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  1. nothinbutair

    S3 Head TX300. Anyone try it yet?

    I considered the S3 Head sold by Slaven's Racing until I read all of the reviews on the RKTEK Head. Bought and installed the RKTEK Head on my 2017 Husqvarna TX300 and am very impressed with the results.
  2. nothinbutair

    Oem number board backgrounds?

    http://www.gutsracing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RSHQV-001 Try these.....
  3. nothinbutair

    300sx head - part number question

    I have a 2017 Husqvarna TX300 and Have the RK TEK Head. you will want to install the RK TEK head instead of the SX head. You won't be disappointed....
  4. nothinbutair

    2019 te 300i tpi hard to kick start

    My 2017 Husqvarna TX300 was the same...It's because it is new with good compression.....
  5. nothinbutair

    Is this a fake ?

    It's not fake....
  6. nothinbutair

    Brand new Husqvarna tx 125cc 2018 sputtering

    Sounds like the Power Valve timing? https://slavensracing.com/video/engine-videos/
  7. nothinbutair

    2018 TE300

    Pull the Stator cover and check the wires that they are not rubbed through....Good luck...
  8. nothinbutair

    TE 250 Question

    I believe it was 2017...
  9. nothinbutair

    Thermostat bypass kit

  10. nothinbutair

    Thermostat bypass kit

    I would do it...https://slavensracing.com/shop/radiator-hose-thermostat-bypass-kit-for-husqvarna-125cc-501cc-by-samcosport/
  11. nothinbutair

    Handguards te 250

    2017 Husqvarna TX300.....I have the Cycra Pro Bends with the Cycra HCM Clamps and the Te 300 Headlight with the Trail Tech Voyager...Very nice set up...
  12. nothinbutair

    Fan Kit for the TX 300?

    I have a Husqvarna Hard Parts Fan Kit. The Trail Tech Fan Kit is basically the same. It is all plug and play. No splicing of wires....
  13. nothinbutair

    2018 TE 300 can't get comfortable with shifter

    Try a longer shifter from Hammer Head design....
  14. nothinbutair

    '17 TE300 Radiator Shroud Graphics?

    Good opportunity to get some aftermarket Decals...
  15. nothinbutair

    PC Pipe Reccomendations (durability)

    From what PC says on there website you will want to go with there Platinum Pipe....https://www.procircuit.com/platinum-pipe-husqvarna-tc-250-tx-300-17-18.html