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  1. nothinbutair

    2014 Husky TC250 weird idle down

  2. nothinbutair

    2014 Husky TC250 weird idle down

    I have had one on my 2017 Husqvarna TX 300 from new. You won't regret it....
  3. nothinbutair

    2014 Husky TC250 weird idle down

    Install a Lectron Carb and forget about it.....
  4. nothinbutair

    '18 TX300 sag

    Depending on how much you weigh with full gear on, if you cannot get the proper sag, you may need a stiffer rear spring....
  5. nothinbutair

    2017 TE300 clutch issues

    There are 3 different markings on the bevel. That would be the last 6 bolts you would have installed. Different markings give you more or less pressure. Tighten the nuts down slowly in a criss cross pattern a little bit at a time until they are torqued to spec. Also make sure to bleed the system. Back Bleeding is best. Attach a hose to a large syringe and crack the bleeder at the slave cylinder and slowly push the fluid up from the bottom. It is easier with two people. While you are pushing fluid up, the second person can remove some fluid with another syringe...
  6. nothinbutair

    '18 TX300 sag

    you would have your rear race sag set at 100-105mm....
  7. nothinbutair

    TX300 tall rider setup

    I would use the stock bars with a under bar mount scotts steering damper. Also go with a tall set from seat concepts....
  8. nothinbutair

    2019 TX300 Rear Fender Removal

  9. nothinbutair

    2019 TX300 Rear Fender Removal

    By the look of it, there are 5 screws to remove...https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/0
  10. nothinbutair

    Instrument frozen up on 2019 300 i

    Even though it is a 2019 Bike, the battery inside the instrument panel may be low. Replace it.....
  11. nothinbutair

    lithium ion battery winter storage

    Battery Tender. Red light is Charging,green light is storage. When it is done Charging it automatically goes to storage mode...
  12. nothinbutair

    lithium ion battery winter storage

    I leave my TX300 on storage mode.
  13. When you purchased the bike it should have come with the extra bolts and boots for removing the handguards.
  14. nothinbutair

    2019 tx300 tail light

    HH collar screw M6x16 TX30 0025060166 X4, SCREW FOR PLASTIC K60X20 SW6 0017060205 X2, CARRIER BACKLIGHT 26514046000 X1, NUMBER PLATE CARRIER EU 26508015000 X1, Rear Fender 2650801300028 X1 If Needed.....
  15. nothinbutair

    2019 tx300 tail light

    Just use the rear fender license plate holder off of the 2018 Husqvarna TE250/300...