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  1. formervetman

    Am I too lean?

    Ok Thanks
  2. formervetman

    Am I too lean?

    So I shouldn't worry that it glows so much to turn the head pipe blue/ purple when the engine cools, as long as it seems to be running good with no bog or popping? Thanks.
  3. I just put on an Alba exhaust on my 05 trx 450r, I put in the 190 main jet it came with and also a pilot that I thought was marked n424. At night my pipe glowed a very bright orange at the head and I was getting a slight popping on decelleration. I turned out my air fuel screw from stock 1 1/2 turns out to a full 3 turns out and the popping on decel has stopped but my pipe has turned blue/purple at the head. I ride at about 500ft. Do you guys think I still may be running lean? If so what pilot would I need to adjust? Thanks
  4. formervetman

    Do I need to change another jet?

    Ok Thanks I will give that a try.
  5. I just put on an Alba racing pipe on my 05 trx450r it came with a main jet which was a 190 and a slow jet that was maked n424. I also put in a stage 2 hot cam. It starts great and runs great except for some slight popping on deccelaration, it's not to bother some but it does get a bit annoying. Is there some other jets I should change? Also the new head pipe glows very orange at night, I hear this is common but it does glow very hot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. formervetman

    crf 250and 450 VS. trx 450

    I have a stock 05 trx 450r and had no problems beating a Crf 250 In a drag from a dead stop and also from a rolling start. He may have caught up eventually but not in the first 1/4 mile.
  7. formervetman

    450r exhaust and cam

    Thanks for the info. It will be another 10 days before I get the pipe so that gives me time to do the cam and jet first. Do you run with the ehs air box lid? Did you need to mess with jetting then?
  8. formervetman

    Honda 450r exhaust and cam

    I have an 05 450r which I have purchased a new alba pipe for, which comes with it's own jets, if I was to purchase an hrc power up kit which also comes with it's own jets how do I know which to use? I was also planning on running with an outerwears airbox cover. I am at 1000' above sea level. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks