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  1. jleader

    Studded Tires

    My dad has studded the tires on his 250 Super Sherpa. He just used sheet metal screws and put them in from the outside (i.e. he's riding on the screw heads). I've ridden it on the ice and it's rock solid. One thing to be careful with is wearing the screw heads down to the point that the slots are worn off.
  2. jleader

    Cost to motard a mini bike

    Hi, I was out today checking out the mini bike racing here at my local go-cart track and it looked like a blast. Can anyone give me an idea of how much it would cost to set up an 85cc motorcross bike with 12" or 17" wheels and a larger front rotor? Thanks
  3. jleader

    Folding Trailer review

    I've got the 4x8 and I was able to fit my DR-Z400SM and my 94 VFR750 together. I had to have the bikes right on the edge of the trailer. The trick was that I had to build some outriggers so that I had tie down locations far enough out to give the bikes enough support. I just used some angle iron and bolted them to the front.
  4. jleader

    Tank question...

    Masameet, I don't have radiator guards. I've also read on TT that the unibikers don't fit under the 4.0 IMS (although I do recall at least one member saying that he did fit some under his IMS 4.0. I did fall off on my first ride with the IMS and the bike hit fairly hard including some contact with the right side of the lower part of the tank that forms the radiator shroud. The tank acted like a radiator guard and I was able to ride away with only a few scratches to the bike.
  5. jleader

    Tank question...

    05 SM with a 4.0 US gallon IMS in natural. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/jeffreyleader/album?.dir=/6158re2
  6. Hi, Does anyone do any dual sport riding in the Calgary area? I was out in the Ghost Forest area last Sunday and a crash (all be it fairly minor) was a good wake up call for me not to be riding alone. I'm coming from a mainly street riding background so I'm pretty novice in the dirt.
  7. jleader

    DRZ400S brake discs

    I've also got a used front and rear rotors off a used set of E or S wheels that I bought off of eBay if you're interested.
  8. jleader

    Help stripped allen head bolts

    Well I bought a set of bits for extracting stripped bolts. I drilled a hole in the middle of the bolt and put the bit in an turned it left until it grabed the bolt. Then I put a wrench on it and wouldn't you know it the bit broke of in the hole. :thumbsup: So the next course of action will be to have a piece of square tubing or a bolt welded to the stripped out head as has been suggested on this thread. If that doesn't work I'm buying a new bike.
  9. jleader

    Help stripped allen head bolts

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I was looking on-line at a kit (at Canadian Tire product #54-3818-0) that drills into the bolt and then bites in and twists it out. I think I'll give that a try. Has anyone used a similar extraction bit on an allen head bolt with any luck?
  10. Hi, Yes I know I am a knob and I stripped out two of the allen head bolts that hold the front disc to the hub. I tried notching one and pounding on it with a screwdriver and soaking it in liquid wrench but I couldn't get it to budge. My next thought was to put some heat to it with a propane torch and then pound on it some more. If that doesn't work I'm not sure what I'll do, maybe try and drill it out? Anyone have any suggestions? BTW does anyone else find these bolt heads to be extremely soft? Thanks
  11. jleader

    Props to the TT Store

    I placed an order two weeks ago with the TT store and when I received my box in the mail I noted that a couple of the items weren't included. So I called the TT store to see what was up and to check if I could add the Mikuni bolt kit to my order. They told me it was their mistake that it didn't ship and that they would add on the bolt kit and no extra charge. Only a $4 value but I thought it was a very nice gesture and it was much appreciated by me.
  12. jleader

    DRZ on a motocross stand?

    I finally got it up! Well the bike that is…not sure if this is the right forum to post about my other problem Not sure if my stand is really high or if I'm just a bonehead but just pivoting the bike on the kickstand wasn't giving me enough height. What I ended up doing was rolling the front tire up onto a ramp about 10" off the ground. Then I put some blocks of wood under the kickstand to give me some extra height and that did it. Thanks to all who responded.
  13. jleader

    Folding Trailer review

    Thanks I'll keep an eye on the wheel bearings. It does have grease nipples so I'll be able to keep them well lubed. The other folding trailer pictured in this string is actually pictured on redtrailers website as a knock off. They say that the tongue design is inferior due to the lack of a central beam. But is sounds like that aspect has been trouble free for the people posting on this string.
  14. jleader

    DRZ on a motocross stand?

    O.K. this feels like a bit of a silly question but… I recently bought a stand for my DRZ. It's a standard aluminum motocross stand with a platform on the top for the two down tubes to rest on. My problem is that with the 17" wheels on my bike the stand is a little too tall to get the bike onto. I have visions of building a small ramp that I could push the front wheel up to get some extra clearance and then put the stand underneath and back the bike down the ramp until it high centers itself on the stand. My other thought was just to hack about 3" off the legs of the stand but I'm concerned that when I put my dirt wheels on I'll need the extra clearance. Does anyone have any better suggestions or good techniques for getting an SM up onto a motocross stand? Also once it's up there is there a safe and easy way to get it down? I guess the other more expensive alternative is to buy one of those hydraulic jack stands. Thanks,
  15. jleader

    Folding Trailer review

    Sorry guys I guess the pictures didn't post. Here are the links: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/jeffreyleader/detail?.dir=5919scd&.dnm=1f15scd.jpg&.src=ph http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/jeffreyleader/detail?.dir=5919scd&.dnm=7e2fscd.jpg&.src=ph http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/jeffreyleader/detail?.dir=5919scd&.dnm=e296scd.jpg&.src=ph http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/jeffreyleader/detail?.dir=5919scd&.dnm=4897scd.jpg&.src=ph