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  1. dude,don't say that! Like OMG! thats disgusting. likkeeeeee, ewwwww
  2. LOL! wait til you get a little older. you guys are acting like b/c i've pondered rape that I would do it. Ya know what, I've also pondered going lanesplitting on my bulletbike going 100mph on the highway. Does that make me a bad/irresponsible rider?
  3. You're absolutely right. That's why women grow beards and have testes. Being facetious of course, women don't have NEARLY as much as guys do, as in not even close. Don't wanna be cnodescending ,but please get your facts stragitht before trying to insult some1.
  4. I AGREE that they're totally different things to do!
  5. I agree, but back to my original staement, they both acomplish the same thing, and before that, you can't read. haha. :thumbsup:
  6. procreation. look it up on google.
  7. I agree, it is controllable.
  8. disagree. they both accomplish the same thing, and both come from the Freudian id.
  9. yes, illiteracy is a problem in america. ok you deserve more then just that. When I was 14-15, I felt the exact same way, "Any man who thinks about that stuff is not normal, at least thats what my mom told me" then my body started making this hormone called testosterone, and I saw what woman can offer, now I have changed. Those urges are a lotttt more intense when you get older, little man. still controllable, which I have maintained, and plan to maintain, but I will consider you to be more of a man then me when you reach my age and can resist thinking about these things. b/c of of right now, your opinion isn't worht its weight in gold. hopefully one day, when my hormones settle down but I'm not expecting that any time soon.
  10. Did you study Thoreau or Kesey by any chance?
  11. I'm not going out in the streets and yelling my views, I'm explainging them on an internet forum. and your view is wrong, IMO, maybe if women understood that men, yes, men, ultimately want sex then they would be a little more protective about their bodies. you guys are acting like I am a committed felon. oh sry, I just noticed your age, that explains a lot. Wait til your b... drop..., then you'll understand what i mean. BTW, I'm sorry for hijacking ur thread mandi.
  12. Some meaning here. I hang out with plenty of girls. Have i thought of raping them or having sex with them? yes. would i act on that without their willingness? Of course not, i have respect for them! Have I thought about jumping off a bridge or cliff wen I go hiking? yes. does that make me suicidal? no. Have you ever thought about lying? Well, since you have, that makes you an overly-ambitious psycho. It's the ability to control that urge, no matter how much it hurts that makes me a man. oh yeah, and studies show that men with with confidence get more action(in layman's terms) and men with less confidence get less action, but I'm sure a smart old man like yourself already knew that.
  13. I'm suprised I missed such a lie. Thinking of is not a sin. Yes, all men think of it? don't tell me for one second, when you were 18 years old, and saw a woman on hte beach in a stirng bikini that you didn't "think" about what it would be like to have sex with her.
  14. im sure they do, but they are lacking(in large quantities) a little thing called testosterone, aka sex hormone. For a woman, it is not ntural, but for a man, every man i know has admitted to that that i have spoken with. I also said IT IS STUPID FOR WOMEN TO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT BEING RAPED!! Yes, I understnad now why you think I'm an *******, it's because you can't read. and i'll quote myself remember this is a typical guy's thinking "that makes me want to do something stupid like that. well, if the girl is not gonna tell, then I mine as well do it" see how that works? "
  15. sarcams is never apreciated.d