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    chinese xr200 copies

    I have a 200cc copy. Been riding it pretty hard for about 2 months. Runs great and its been through some pretty rough stuff. Rear shock is shot and clutch handle broke when it fell over. But overall, its a good bike for the money - have $700 in it and ride with cr125 and 250's all the time, keeps up. Im happy with my purchase, good trail bike and small jumps. Its a $700 brand new bike, come one, you know what your buying. I have had no mech probs. just fyi.
  2. This is my first post at this site. Hi everyone. I hope you all can of some help to me. I am currently trying to work a deal to pickup 2 of these bikes for me and a buddy of mine to run around the woods on. Here is the link: X-Moto JH200 My question is where can we get parts for this bike? Seller states he can supply parts but is reluctant to give any details. I dont mind buying a chines bike but Iwant to be able to repair it. thanks