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  1. Was that the standard 304 or the shorty on the PC setup? Wondering if you used the standard powercore you would get the same results as the fatty/304 set up. They say the FMF shorty signs off a little early. Wish I could test before buying, but cant find anyone even selling used pipes for the 13 other than stock.
  2. jbones31

    Anyone have Rocket exhaust?

    Anyone compare the dual Rocket to the Yosh duals? Notice any difference?
  3. Facebook page says they are postponing intil the 20th
  4. jbones31

    VDR Hare Scramble round 2: 10/14

    Thanks found it. the browser I was using was not showing the newest results. Switched to another browser and there they were.
  5. jbones31

    VDR Hare Scramble round 2: 10/14

    Where are they posted? I don't see them on the VDR site, or am I missing it. Is there another place to look?
  6. jbones31

    VDR Hare Scramble round 2: 10/14

    How long does it usually take for them to post the results online?
  7. jbones31

    first race at VDR

    Nice job! track was sweet!! I raced my first race since 1991 in the senior C class and got 6th out of 11 it think, I was happy considering I got a last place start. good time.
  8. jbones31

    VDR Hare Scramble round 2: 10/14

    Thanks guys!
  9. jbones31

    VDR Hare Scramble round 2: 10/14

    If everything works out I will be racing my first Hare Scramble (will be my first race since 1991) Question with a 2 hour race I am sure you will need to get gas on a mx tank. How many times do you usually fill up? Thanks
  10. jbones31

    Anyone ridden Erie lately?

    Keep us posted...hopfully will get warm enough to make some progress for the weekend
  11. jbones31

    Best Tires for Colorado? Tracks/Trails

    Old thread but exactly my question, looking to get some new sneakers. Saw someone was running Maxis IT rear and SI front any opinions on the IT front? Kenda recommends the Budds Creek on their website any opinions on that combo?
  12. jbones31

    280 vs 300 big bore kit

    I went with the kit from KTM because it came with a new cylinder. That way I have a back up if anything happens. I will be putting it in over the christmas break, can't wait to try it out.
  13. jbones31

    Yosh exhaust 2010 450sxf

    I am interested in how the yosh system helps, keep us posted. MXA jusd did a big test on the YZF and raved about the yosh system. Nor-cal how did your buddy with the 250f like the pipe? I am in the process of putting a big bore on my 250f and was wondering if I may need a pipe as well.
  14. jbones31

    looking at buying a 09 RMX-450f

    Great!! thanks guys for all your opinions.
  15. jbones31

    looking at buying a 09 RMX-450f

    Yea Sorry meant the RMZ, but I think the seat is sweet on that RMX. Thanks for the info, I'm just getting back into riding and my 250f is my first 4t it's just hard to keep my momentum up with my weight (200lbs) How is the power manageable? I just read about alot of vet riders in my same position not enough power from the 250f and too much from the 450f