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  1. I recently acquired a 1997 XR250. I'm the third owner. Original owner had installed a "XRsOnly" exhaust, which was still on the bike when I got it. The bike was so loud that the first time I rode it on my 20 acres, two of my neighbors from adjoining acreage came over to see what was going on on my land...they didn't know it was me...only that it was a loud noise, and they were doing their neighborly duty to investigate. The nearest one lives almost a full half-mile from me. Thankfully, I got the OEM exhaust as part of my deal. So I parked the bike for a couple of weeks 'til I had time to put it on, expecting the bike to be almost as quiet as my bone-stock XR100 playbike with the stock exhaust installed. But it was still too loud for me, and I figured out by studying an onliine parts fiche and reading on this forum that this stock can is missing the diffuser (baffle) tip. I want this thing to be quiet. I'm installing passenger pegs on it (the Baja Designs pegs...welding on the mounting plates next week) so my wife can putter around on our land with me. I'm primarily a streetrider (roadraced for a few years on 600's) and she loves riding 2-up with me on my '02 Interceptor so this is something else we can do together...meandering around fire roads and our land. From what I'm reading here the past few days, it's a popular practice to remove the diffuser tip. So does anyone have one collecting dust (that will fit my '97 can), and want to sell it cheap? I'm at brad__*at*__holcomb.com. Last question: This 250 is actually bored to 280. I'm in Missouri, about 1500 ft asl. Anyone have a good idea of basline jetting to try with a 280 and stock pipe? Or is that such a rare combination that it's never been done? I'm not looking for power...just steady running and gentle off-idle throttle transitions. I'm enjoying the forums. Thanks for any help. -=b.