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  1. For me the attack stance is only when riding whoops, going really fast or riding a bike with poor suspension!
  2. I rode Baja again last weekend, lots of tread left, but I aired down to 12psi front and 10 rear, I left my surfboard at home and brought tools, boots, tubes, and clothes for 2 days. Rode the Pine Forest - Ojos - Ensenada for lunch then back Via Wine country. My ride went well, I now have a new rear tire to mount, I am ready Larry, what dates work with you.
  3. Sorry I was being cheap on this ride. I had gotten invited on a ride in Baja that cost over $500.00 a day that I passed on. I was trying to see how much fun I could have on less. I tried way too hard! I only spent $320.00 in over 4 days, living it up.
  4. I think next time leave surf board on bike . On tight single track I will have a chance to out run you Thank's again for a great time. Next time I will leave my board at home so I can bring boots, tools and tubes.
  5. We were there less than 2 hours and I spent $33.00 1 dinner rice / chicken and 3 drinks. Not as bad as Mikes but in Ensenada my room was private with bathroom and TV free breakfast at a restaurant across the street secure parking spot $22.00 Yes I try to save money in Baja, got home and went to dinner in Carlsbad at " Campground" with my wife and daughter $141.75 and they comped the somemoore's ($16.00) because it was my daughters birthday .I could have easily stayed in Baja 2 more days with that money LOL. It's nice to be home!
  6. Home now, Awesome time with Larry and all his friends, Thank's. Tires and CRF 250L. worked AWESOME, for a ride from Oceanside to San Vicente on a 5 day" Moto Surf Trip!"
  7. Score course change, bikes should be at least an hour sooner. I am guessing by your house around 11:00 AM. Saturday morning and the TT. around 2 ish. I will have a radio with the Weather Man so I can update you by phone. n
  8. I keep getting a message. The Magic Jack Customer is Un available. Do you have a new number?
  9. I have been trying to call you. Thursday/ Friday night I will be in Ensenada. Saturday morning I will watch the start, then head South. to meet up. I could stay at Calls.
  10. I have no set plans, except to have fun, ride and catch some waves. Looks like the race course goes right by your house. It would be GREAT to meet up with you also!
  11. Will you be around next weekend, I will be alone on a bike with my surfboard.
  12. The beginning of the end for us riding Baja.
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