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  1. craig hammon

    2019 Honda CRF450L Pictures & Video

  2. craig hammon

    Labor Day rides?

    I am interested, where do you want to go?
  3. craig hammon

    baja pictures

    Pick a date and I am IN.
  4. craig hammon

    baja pictures

    Hope to see you next time I am in Baja 6-1-18 for the 500, we have a room in Ensenada but will head South to meet up.
  5. craig hammon

    baja pictures

    The place is Las Rocas Resort and Spa, we had breakfast at El Nido, lunch at Ortega's in Puerto Nuevo then pool time took a nap till 9:20 then Calypso bar and grill. Most of the people in the bar ended up at our night club at Los Rocas. fun night!
  6. craig hammon

    baja pictures

    Super fun time, when are we riding Baja again all four Amigo's GOOD TIMES?
  7. craig hammon

    baja pictures

    Last weekend in Baja 2 up 3-21-18
  8. craig hammon

    Brand new xr650l project, Je 11:25 to 1 anyone?

    I have a 680 and wish I had the auto-decompressor. Best mod so far was the pumper carb and Xr's only Big Fin head, ported with big valves.
  9. craig hammon

    Parking for Tecate Crossing?

    We left a new Ford Raptor with an $8,000.00 trailer in the gated lot on the right before, it was still there when we got back.
  10. craig hammon

    Parking for Tecate Crossing?

    I like to park on the left top of the hill above the gas station-mini mart, it's more trailer frendly but no locked gate or attendant present 24\7. The last parking on the right had someone at the gate every time I have been there. I still wouldn't want to leave anything in my truck. I am in Oceanside, if you want a safe place, but I am 1 1/2 hours from Tecate.
  11. craig hammon

    Name this place

    This is where I stop for my first beer in the morning and to use the bathroom by the pool. Lots of fun trails to ride in the area, my wife said it's on my" RCI. list" of resorts. Must be a one star LOL. We have had breakfast a few times, if you want fast service stop at a taco stand. On race weekends we ride by.
  12. craig hammon

    Baja 500 Who is doing what and where??

    I Hope to see you!
  13. craig hammon

    Baja 500 Who is doing what and where??

    We plan to cross the boarder early Friday (We," Cristina and I and her brother Mike, his first Score race") head to tech in Ensenada, booked a place real close to the starting line, We plan to spend Friday in town, living it up. Saturday we will watch the bike start in town, then head south, would love to meet up with friends that live in San Vicente and Erindira. or others from AZ.
  14. craig hammon

    Need helmet advice for my first Baja trip

    I have the Shoie version of that helmet, It's great when I ride the street but not so great for single track.