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  1. 40. i missed 35 years of riding. what a shame...
  2. yz250fnewbie

    Stupid question???

    So the spacer spreads the load on the inner race, if that's what you call it, to each side and spins around the axle so that, if the tire was off, you spin one side the motion would be transferred to the other bearing and spin it? Thanks for the explanation!
  3. yz250fnewbie

    Stupid question???

    I replaced the rear wheel bearings in my '06. My stupid question is: what purpose does the spacer between the bearings serve? It's not load carrying and doesn't support the bearings so... what exactly is the point? And no, I did not leave it out by accident and don't want to pull my bearings to put it back in, I'm just curious.
  4. yz250fnewbie

    Driving in rear wheel bearing

    I'm working on replacing my rear wheel bearings. I put the first bearing in on the drive side and it's stopped with about 1/8 inch left to go. It seems like I'm having to hit it too hard. Would heating up the hub with a small plumbers torch help get it in the last little bit? Thanks in advance!
  5. yz250fnewbie

    Dunlop 756 fitment

    Tried spooning on a Dunlop 756 last night and it was the most difficult tire I've ever had to install. I would have sworn it was an 18" tire on a 19" rim. No, it wasn't, I checked. Anyway, is this typical for the 756? Thanks!
  6. yz250fnewbie

    Dual Sport helmet for moto

    Thanks NW ADV, that was exactly what I was looking for. Since I can't afford Lasix I'm gonna give it a try.
  7. yz250fnewbie

    Dual Sport helmet for moto

    Thanks for all the input everybody!
  8. Has anybody tried using something like the Fly Trekker or the AFX FX-39 dual sport helmets for moto? I've tried about every OTG goggle I can and can't stand how goggles move my glasses around. It's hard to pick a line with your glasses moving around so much. And yes, I'm darn near blind without them. The idea of wearing a full face visor instead of goggles is intriguing. Thanks for the input.
  9. yz250fnewbie

    head compatability

    would have been faster to just say yes or no
  10. yz250fnewbie

    03 rims on 08 yz250f

    my son has a chance to get stock rims from an 03. he wants to keep mud tires on the 03 rims and intermediate on the 08 and be able to change them based on track conditions. will they fit w/o problems on an 08? thanks!
  11. yz250fnewbie

    What coolant to use in yz250f?

    engine ice for sure
  12. yz250fnewbie

    hesitation after rebuild

    not sure what ancillary issues you may have (not directly related to the top-end) but after i did one on my 03 it ripped like it hadn't ripped for awhile. ran strong and hard. it was my first top-end and i was really surprised how much performance i had lost and gotten used to. made a big difference.
  13. yz250fnewbie

    03 yz250f fork springs

    a couple of years ago i found a very good set of instructions on how to change out the fork springs on here. i need to do it again and cant find the instructions now. can anybody help me out? thanks!
  14. yz250fnewbie

    new (to me) bike

    bought an 08 yz250f that was setup by pro action for a rider very similar to me in everything except weight. they weighed 140 i weigh 190. do i need to have everything revalved (it has their 3 stage incremental system) or can i just replace the springs for my weight? thanks in advance!
  15. yz250fnewbie

    06 yz450f advice

    great, thanks for all the info everybody. i was also looking at an 07 crf450r but i think i'll stick with the yzf. planning on picking it up this weekend!