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  1. Hi guys, I have a 2010 yz450, and I got ran into while picking my bike up from a first turn crash, and it destroyed my Yoshi silencer. So I was wandering what exhaust you guys have and what it does to the power and how you like it, and how loud it is the quieter the better. I also need to prep the whole bike and was wandering what piston you guys would recommend, I was thinking about the gytr high compression piston, so I could have a little more torque off the bottom. Thanks for the advise.
  2. MarkDan

    2011 YZ450 Frame Cracked :/

    I had my frame welded about this time last year, crack was on one side and wasn't the full length of the factory weld, and tore it down to check the welds and do maintenance. Both welds had small cracks in them, I would highly recommend some sort of gusset in there somewhere so it doesn't crack again.
  3. MarkDan

    2013 Beta 300RR

    Talked to a guy that owns the first one sold in california and he loves it. Said that it is supper dialed in from the factory, it also has all the wiring and switches needed to to get a licence plate plus the vin. number is the correct to get it plated 8th number is a 1.
  4. MarkDan

    2010 YZ450 No Spark

    Took all of the electrical off, and looked over everything then put it back on, and it fired up on the first kick. I guess it was just a loose conection somewhere. Thanks for the advise.
  5. MarkDan

    2010 YZ450 No Spark

    Hi I have a 2010 yz450 that i had torn down to have the frame welded. The only thing left on the frame was the foot peg brackets. Now that it is back together it wont start and doesn't have any spark. I have gone through most of the electrical conections, and tested their resistance which were all within spec. I'm at a loss for what to do now. Any help is apreciated. It started fine before i tore it down.
  6. MarkDan

    Broken Frame 2010 YZ450F

    Got my frame back and put it together and now it doesn't want to start &%$#@!. Any ideas it doesn't have any spark and all the electrical resistances checked out.
  7. MarkDan

    Broken Frame 2010 YZ450F

    Having my frame welded and should have it back soon. Hopefully it holds up. Will report if it does or not. And i tried to go through my local dealer and they said yamaha hadn't gotten back to them yet don't know what that means, but I am tried of waiting to ride my bike.
  8. MarkDan

    11 vs 12

    2012's have cleaner looking welds and i haven't heard of them cracking frames like the 2010's and 11's. I would ask to see under the air box on the 2011.
  9. MarkDan

    Broken Frame 2010 YZ450F

    So has anyone called yamaha yet to see what they say about the cracks. I just tore down my bike and found one small crack, then quit looking cause I didn't want to be anymore depressed.
  10. You don't have to have a stabilizer, but if you have the money there is no draw back that I have found with mine yet (6 years). It keeps the bars straight when going through braking bumps, square edges, and whoops, so you can focus on what you are coming up on next. I find myself not gripping as tight when I have my stabilizer to which helps to cut down on the arm pump.
  11. MarkDan

    Looking to get a 2006 rmz 450

    Hi I am looking at a 2006 rmz 450 and I am wondering what i should be looking out for. The bike looks clean but other that that I don't know much about the rmz and don't know what to look for. Thanks