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  1. Motty

    radiator- what to do

    Yeah I can't imagine it being a problem.. just try not to block up the fins around it. As long as it seals it should be fine.
  2. Motty

    07 WR250F and Tight Woods Riding

    pretty much everything I ride is 2nd gear slipping the clutch and revving the tits off it, done about 1500kms like that and NEVER boiled it
  3. Motty

    Battery not recharging....

    edit whoops didnt read the post properly
  4. if you leave it long enough or its an old bike it might, im pretty sure theres an internal battery which might be dead if its an 01... possibly
  5. Motty

    AP O-ring Mod

    i actually used one off a self tapping roofing screw but got a jd kit and replaced it with the thicker one. no real difference so pretty much use anything thatll fit over it that has some give
  6. Motty

    Change of carby needle

    ive got red needle on 3rd clip and a 170mj in... but I havent ridden in 2 months so I'll probably need to go to a 165 now its warmed up i think pilot is 42 and leak jet is 60 i have heard of people running 155, so grab a few different jets and try it out. what works for some wont work for others
  7. the only time that happened to me was when I accidentally jumped into a dam on my 2 week old wrf got about 3 litres of fresh water out the sump plug:thumbsup:
  8. Motty

    Wr 200

    i used to have a wr250 which was an awesome bike. it was that good my mate bought it off me and its still going strong. ive got an 06 wrf and the 2 stroke is still awesome
  9. Motty

    Bad Cornering

    Before you worry about throwing money at a problem make sure your technique is right. I spent the last few months thinking my forks were stuffed because they always pushed out of ruts. I went and did a rider training course and now I can rail ruts like a pro. The guy teaching me said as a general rule you want to be looking at the exit when you're entering the apex. Seems to work pretty well for me. BTW I realise to fix my problem I threw money at it... but you know what I mean
  10. Just found his result 70th from 106 Remember this is against Australia's top riders in the 450 class Pretty farkin impressive
  11. I see your one arm and raise you a paraplegic http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=tUo1OFFjRto This guy is a friend of a friend of mine... he competed in the Finke desert race this year. For the yanks the Finke is a 2 day race which is one of our most gruelling off road races (cars and bikes)
  12. I slip the hell outta my clutch on every ride. My old wr250 2 stroke would need freeplay adjustment constantly on these trails but the wrf I hardly ever even have to touch. It's got 2500kms on it and runs like a dream. It's a wet clutch assembly, it's designed to be slipped (within reason) - you're dealer is either really stupid or is trying to save himself a few dollars hoping that your clutch outlasts your warranty. As long as you don't slip it for extended periods of time it should hold up fine. Almost certainly a lack of freeplay issue.
  13. Motty

    installing new kill switch???

    As far as I know all bike kill switches simply earth the ignition. Its the easiest way of doing it which is good because its bloody easy to make a kill switch yourself. Any push button contact will work. So if its one wire its earthed through the bar clamps and if its two wires it doesnt really matter which one goes to the existing wire and which one goes to earth as it is just a simple push button contact. I rigged up a mates "kill switch" on his RM cause he lost it when he pulled the bike apart. It was just a stripped wire hanging next to his bars Of course we fixed it later but it did its job for the day. Just an FYI if anyone has kill switch problems
  14. Motty

    Hot Start Plunger - Removal

    I did use the hot start a few times but over winter its pretty rare that it gets that hot, usually fires up without it no worries. I tried soaking it in all kinds of lubes and penetrants, got nowhere... so now I gotta drill it.
  15. Motty

    Hot Start Plunger - Removal

    yeah, its probably seized mines stuck good the cable actually snapped off the plunger so I'm gonna have to tap it and pull it out on the weekend