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  1. I do about half my riding in Colorado. Me and all of my riding friends in Colorado have switched to trials tires and love them. I have tried them here in the deserts of southern Nevada. They do OK on most of the hard packed rocky trails but don't work well at all in loose sand. I have gone to the Maxxis Maxx Cross Desert Intermediate tires and love them for desert riding. Just my opinion.
  2. I read your note to late to ride today. I could go any day of the week next week or you could go with me and a small group of riders next Sunday morning. Go to lvndualsports.com to read about this ride or call me at 702-260-1380.
  3. johnnyjeep and I didn't ride the Nelson Hills area as we had planned due to a gas mileage issues. You can read my ride report on LVNVDualSports.com.
  4. Doug: John and I rode today Saturday June 3. I don't think anyone is meeting at the Jack in the Box on Sunday. I have to watch the NASCAR race on Sunday. Jim
  5. I wouldn't mind taking a dual sport ride tomorrow (Saturday June 3). I found a neat loop we could do around Nelson Hills that I would like to share with some other dual sport riders. Give me a call and we can work out the details. Maybe BigChiefKodiak could make it also. Call my home phone first at 260-1380. If no answer, call my cell at 765-860-5957. My name is Jim and I live in Henderson and will be riding a DR 350 Suzuki.
  6. I could tell you had a broken collar bone but sure didn't know about the ribs. I found toomanykaws and we rode back after I left you on the pavement. I ended up with 171 miles. I am leaving for Colorado in a few minutes and will be back Thursday evening.
  7. As long as I have one other rider, I plan to ride. Hope to see ya at 9:00 A.M. Sunday at the Jack in the Box.
  8. Anybody up for a dual sport ride on Sunday April 23? We will start at the Jack in the Box at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and St. Rose Parkway at 9:00 A.M. The ride will be 99.9% off-road on sandy and rocky four wheel drive roads and power line roads. It will include Hidden Valley, Jean Dry Lake Bed, McCullough Pass, Dutchman Pass, and Eldorado Vallley. We will be riding about 120 miles and should not have to backtrack on any trails we have already ridden. We can stop at Jean on the way back if anybody is running low on gas. The pace will be moderate with as many stops as the group would want. You can make your own decision if you need to be street legal. I will be riding a plated Honda CRF230 (or maybe a Suzuki DR350).
  9. I will go ahead and plan another dual sport ride for Sunday April 23. I will send out a notice on ThumperTalk on Sunday April 16 to verify all ride plans (unless someone else beats me to it). I would also be up for a more informal ride about any other day.
  10. Well, I guess it is down to you (GarryOwen) and I. Those other guys are going to miss out on a good ride. See ya at at 9:00 A.M. at the Jack in the Box. I think I might to plan another dual sport ride for Sunday April 23. The NASCAR race is on Saturday night that week.
  11. I am going to go out on Thursday in my Jeep to scout out a good return ride from the Nelson Hills area back to the Jack in the Box. Hopefully, toomanykaws will also have some suggestions. I am sorry that Saturday is not going to work out for some of you but I am a semi NASCAR fan and want to watch the race on Sunday. timf, Let me know if you need a scuba partner after you get certified.
  12. Would anybody be interested in a dual sport ride on Saturday April 1? I plan to start out a 9:00 A.M. from the Jack in the Box at the corner of Las Vegas Boulvard and St. Rose Parkway. We will ride about one mile of paved road then take some back trails to Jean Dry Bed Lake. We would then go through McCullough Pass, Dutchman Pass, Eldorado Valley, Nelson Hills, Nelson, and Nelson Landing. I would like to add a loop down to Lake Mohave but might need some help from someone who knows the area better than I do. We will eventually end up back at the Jack in the Box and hopefully never have to backtrack on any of the trails we have already ridden. The route will be mostly four wheel drive roads and power line roads with the usual loose sand. The pace will be moderate with as many stops as the group would want. I suggest anyone that wants to ride should be street legal. I will be riding a DR350 Suzuki.
  13. I will be there. I will be riding a DR350.
  14. Thanks for the information and links. My gas tanks are stock and are good for about 150 miles. I hope that we be good enough for a while. I am definitely not into racing any more. I have had to many broken bones already and plan to ride for many more years!
  15. I recently moved to Henderson and I am looking for off-road and dual sport ride buddies. I have a Suzuki DR 350 dual sport (street legal) and a Honda CRF 230 (with headlight, tail lights, and license plate). I am 62 years old, retired and can ride just about any day. I consider myself an intermediate rider even though I raced flat track and scrambles for 18 years. I don't mind riding some technical stuff to get to where I am going but usually don't seek it out. Get in touch with me if this sounds like your kind of riding. P.S. My house borders the Sloan Canyon Conservation Area and I hope to find a way to ride over to the adjacent BLM land.