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  1. go with the ktm you cant beat a better trail bike
  2. has anyone ever had a problem with a oil leak comming from the clutch decompresion set screw on the engine? If so how did you fix it, any imput would be helpfull
  3. looking for someone to ride with this weekend want to stick around longview area but not the mx park. Either Sat or Sun doesnt really matter which day
  4. whos wants to take a new rider somewhere around longview tommorow?
  5. just wondering what kind of insurance you guys have on your bikes, if you even have insurance on them. I just paid $109.00 for 12 months on mainly for theft on my 426, i got some more things along with it too in case I hurt someone else while riding.
  6. I put black fenders front and rear and also black front fork gaurds, it was just too much yellow I think it looks alo better black. I would also like to powder coat the frame black, get rid of the blue
  7. who's going to be riding around longview on sunday?
  8. has anyone ever did their bike with all black plastic, I am thinking of going black with the 06 race graphics from fx. how do you think this would look? like to see some pics if someone already has done this
  9. I want to go to bradley trails tommorow, never been there or dont have anyone to ride with. Im a new rider. if anyone is interested let me know
  10. do they have any trails at the longview mx park?
  11. looking to ride somewhere around longview, dont really know area to ride seeing if someone might be able to help me out