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  1. Front is a 90/90 stock Rear a 130/90 Metzler 6 days extreme FIM approved
  2. Looking forward to seeing a dyno graph! Looks like a great project, well done.
  3. NW_drz Sounds like we have gone through similar bikes! My bikes in order of ownership have been - XR80, KX 125, CRF230, YZ250F, YZ125, 13 WR250F, 15 WR250F and now .... ??? How did you find the suspension from the WR250F/FX compared to the Beta? I like the suspension on both WR's, the 15 is even better then the 13, but its never bottomed on me and handles my type of riding pretty well.
  4. Now I am doubting myself on if the RR is the right bike for me..the tamer engine of the Xtrainer coupled with the lighter weight and lower seat height sounds so good !! But the limiting suspension does not...and if it's no good ok those 100km rides..then
  5. Ill check for you next time I head out to the shed for you but It would be the more "typical" size.
  6. Metzler say its a 130 but its probablya 110-120 really. So its narrower then whats stamped on the tyre. I think I replaced it with a 110 or 120, can't remember off the top of my head but wanted to keep it as close to standard as I don't want the bike to handle funny.
  7. Is that Aussie delivered? If so what size tyres did it come with? Thanks. Yes mine is Aussie delivered, compliance and all - proper Australian model unlike some of the grey imports going around. Came with some Metzler Six days 130's I think, I will double check as I have recently replaced them recently with a 110 or 120 I think. The Metzler sizing is not standard.
  8. Also - if you want your owners manual Go here - http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0 Official one from Yamaha
  9. I have a 2013 WR250F - its got 13-50 gearing.
  10. Here is a shameless video link to my channel with some older riding footage -
  11. After doing more and more reading - it seems that once you get into 3rd gear on some rougher style terrain the Xtrainer suspension is just too soft - unless your under 150lbs (Which I am not) So leaning more and more towards the 300 RR, but is it possible to make the 300 RR engine similar to the Xtrainers? I have never ridden a 2 stroke with a adjustable power valve before so I am not sure how much it can change the characteristics of the bike.
  12. True - does the bike still function correctly with a bad battery though? Oil Injection, Ignition timing and lighting all run off the battery?
  13. I have seen this and have the same mentality. Having a kicker would be nice for peace of mind, but the add on isn't that cheap from memory ($350 AUD or so?), though it wouldn't be on my immediate to do list of mods if i end up purchasing one.
  14. Being a bit shorter then the average (not by much!) but the taller seat heights have not really bothered me too much. Sometimes it can be annoying but I have gotten used to it. I guess the seats have to be tall for the better suspension travel. Sounds like we have a similar riding style - smoother, lower rpm. Leaning more towards the 300 RR
  15. I thought about the 250RR but people say they are more difficult to ride then the 300 RR! We have had basically the same bikes - Do you find the Beta 2 strokes vibration annoying when coming off the WR? My YZ 125 vibrated alot but I never even noticed it until I rode a WR250F No regrets going back to 2t? Call me fussy but I was just annoyed with some simple things with the new Yamaha 250F style bikes - plastic fitment sucks, electronics exposed, difficult starting and it smokes on startup. They are nit picking issues as the bike rides awesome, but simple things they got wrong and got right on the older model.