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  1. Wow - Glad your ok man. Heal up soon and ride again!
  2. I remember doing a FCR swap on my DRZ400SM. From memory it was a little offset compared to the stock carb, that said as long as all the intake boots line up and there is no leaks, job complete and go ride!
  3. Hey all, Been thinking about my 2013 WR250F and its jetting. Its not perfect and feels a little off. The bike will still rev out but if i wack the throttle open quickly around idle it will bog. I remember back in 2006 i had a 2005 YZ250F since new and the jetting on that was absolutely spot on. It was so much more responsive then my current WR250F. I have a adjustable fuel screw, JD Jetting kit installed (Oring mod) on the WR250F with a full YZ Exhaust (YZ Header and YZ Exhaust). I am roughly at sea level, climate doesn't change too much here in Australia, Melbourne compared to you guys from across the pond. I noticed the bike was lean on main jet when I bought it from the showroom (Stock), as when I was in a higher gear on a open trail the back would pull harder if i backed off the throttle a little bit. So I think the main jet that was provided in the JD Kit is good, I assume its just the other area's of the carb circuit that would need attention. I have not touched the AP Pump and the Pilot jet from memory is stock. Do you guys have any tips on how to fine tune it to get it the best it can be? I feel like it is not as "crisp" as it should be? Whats the first area of my jetting I should be looking at?
  4. Dam...before we know if the ktms won't even be made in Austria anymore. Not to say India or China cannot make good products. But generally speaking those countries don't quite have the quality control as say Italy or Japan.
  5. I meant from which manufacture
  6. You don't need kyb to put on par with ktm/hus. CC Sach is much better quality than anything from Austria. ALL they have is a counterbalance because the old women building cranks in india can't true a crank. Great news though, future ones will be made in China. Who's cranks are made in China?
  7. KYB Suspension and a counter balance for the 2t. Would really put them on par with the KTM/Husky range then. I like the oil injection (keep it). Those who dont want it, its easily removable. Fuel injection would be nice if its done correctly and not just "slapped" on.
  8. Check out the parts diagrams and see how it all goes together. Has the bike been overheated?
  9. I personally do not like Suzuki bikes...road or dirt. Had some friends who have had some poor experiences with them. My buddy with the latest 2018 GSXR1000R - expensive bike with "Cutting edge" technology spoiled by a bike that vibrates right in the commuting rev range, a quick shifter that causes nothing but problems plus other niggling issues....what a crock.
  10. Front is a 90/90 stock Rear a 130/90 Metzler 6 days extreme FIM approved
  11. Looking forward to seeing a dyno graph! Looks like a great project, well done.
  12. NW_drz Sounds like we have gone through similar bikes! My bikes in order of ownership have been - XR80, KX 125, CRF230, YZ250F, YZ125, 13 WR250F, 15 WR250F and now .... ??? How did you find the suspension from the WR250F/FX compared to the Beta? I like the suspension on both WR's, the 15 is even better then the 13, but its never bottomed on me and handles my type of riding pretty well.
  13. Now I am doubting myself on if the RR is the right bike for me..the tamer engine of the Xtrainer coupled with the lighter weight and lower seat height sounds so good !! But the limiting suspension does not...and if it's no good ok those 100km rides..then
  14. Ill check for you next time I head out to the shed for you but It would be the more "typical" size.
  15. Metzler say its a 130 but its probablya 110-120 really. So its narrower then whats stamped on the tyre. I think I replaced it with a 110 or 120, can't remember off the top of my head but wanted to keep it as close to standard as I don't want the bike to handle funny.