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    250 EXC 4 stroke

    ktm485 - thanks, this was kinda what i'm looking for - I'm more interested in the handling/weight comparisons (and maybe reliability as well - can anyone weigh in on this???) than raw power comparisons - a WR250 has more power than I need at the moment given my long time away from riding (my last bike was a 1985 KX80...). I'm essentially just looking for a nice handling bike to hit the trails in the weekend, but I do want something a step above the TTR/KLX/DRZ-type small-bore thumpers... I had a chat with a KTM dealer about a 250 EXC 4-stroke yesterday, and he pointed out that KTM had a 350cc big-bore kit available, so that may be an option in the future... I also had a sit on the bike, and I must say it did feel like more of a "fit" for me than the WR250... MasterCraft - do you have any more info on the 2007 models? I have to wait a few months before I purchase anyway (have to move house first...). Any links etc would be great. Anyone else have more advice/suggestions??? Highly appreciated... Cheers, Mark
  2. beatron9000

    250 EXC 4 stroke

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a new bike, and I'm trying to find some more info on the 250 EXC 4 stroke - how it compares to a WR250F, CRF250X for casual trail riding, reliability, etc - I don't want to race it, and for various reasons (license restrictions, haven't ridden for a few years etc) I'm not really interested in a bigger bike... Here's what I'm looking at - Australian model, although no doubt available elsewhere as well: http://www.ktm.com.au/bike.php?bike=45 The usual magazines/websites seem to be full of reviews & tests of the Yamaha & Honda, but I'm buggered if I can find any decent impartial info on the KTM - even these forums seem to be mostly about the bigger-bore 4s, or the motocrossers... Anyone own one of these? Or spent any time riding one? Any help appreciated... Cheers P.S. I've been riding a 2003 WR250F recently, so comparisons to that would be most helpful...