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    Starting problem

    About 6 weeks, thanks guy this where I was going to start
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    Starting problem

    Took my boy out on his 01 yz250f for ride yesterday. The day before checked the bike over, air filter, coolent, oil etc plus started it up and ran it for a while and all was good. After traveling for a hour to reach our riding location, my boy started the bike up first kick (suprise) warmed it up as usual and took off up and down some trails close by. After about 3 or 4 minutes the bike started to carry on like it had run out of fuel and then stopped. Checked the fuel tap on OK, check fuel in it OK, pulled fuel line to carby off to see if there was fuel flow OK, and changed spark plug. Tried starting bike and the bike would start for about a second or two but would not run on and then stop. My first thought was carby or the throttle positioning sender or something like that. Any thoughts folks before I start problem solving with bike, beer, and manual