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    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Hey Dogger, started reading this post. On page 4 just now and have to say it is enlightening to see someone come so far with their own tuning. Anyway, got a stock CR250R 07 that I just started riding again after it lay in the garage for 4 years. Back then I weighed 165lbs and thought the stock suspension was ok, not perfect but ok. I ride moto and am a competent mid pack B class rider. My race bikes have always had the suspension done. But now that I don't race I am looking to tinker with it on my own. So my dilemma has been that although the HS fork compression is a touch harsh which I suspect is from riding down in the stroke due to me being heavier, I have had to add 15ml to stock oil level to stop the bottoming and try and hold it up on the stroke. The shock actually is not to bad. I now weigh 190. The bike is completely stock and apart from an oil change has never been serviced. Only 20 hours on the bike. So my plans over the next coming 3-4 weeks (work away from home mon-fri). Is to strip them down, replace the bushes and start playing with the stacks when I get a hold of shims in the UK (Which I haven't found yet). Anyway, once I get started would you be willing to help me through it. as I don't know anyone personally or in forums that would give up information like yourself. I will keep reading up on your descriptions and other threads. I understand in theory how everything works (Mechanical Rotating Engineer to trade) but have yet to strip it down that far. Cheers, Kev.
  2. Kdub

    CR250 07 settings

    Went through the typical setup for the bike starting with compression and then onto rebound etc noting the maximum and minimum clicks where it feels comfortable etc. The bike still feels harsh and running nowhere near as well as my early 2000's YZ's or any of my KTM's. Although they all had the suspension revalved to suit. The race tech calculator does ask for a stiffer front spring set up and the standard at the rear. To be fair that's the way I like a bike anyway. I do ride at the front standing up so I like my forks a bit stiffer than the shock. I will have a look at the K tech site buddy. Don't mind buying a set. You never know. might get into it big time.
  3. Hi guys, got a completely stock 07 250 that had just under 20 hours on it when I blew the engine apart at a beach race. Anyway. I am now rebuilding the bike completely from the ground up. The suspension stock was ok but could be worlds apart. Sag settings perfect on the rear. Front was a little harsh but I suspect that had to do with the spring rate being 1 rate soft according to the race tech recommendations. The overall action of the forks on compression was a little harsh. Even going in 3-4 clicks harder on standard helped the initial half then it would go quite a ways stiffer. Deflecting off of the bigger bumps at high speed. Bottoming was ok, raised the fork oil 5cc and that cured it. Backing them out sat way to far in the stroke and felt mushy and harsh at the same time The shock was a little soft initially and stiff near the bottom. Rebound I found was also a little fast although I am a KTM rider through and through and love the feel of the PDS shocks when set correctly (dead lol). Now that I am rebuilding the bike I will change the springs but am looking for some advice on what to change in the forks an shock shim wise and ICS etc. I am new to the world of suspension tuning. Have read Doggers thread but I can't fully grasp whats going on. Normally send the stuff out all the time but having a few bikes in the garage I thought this would be a good one to learn the black art of suspension tuning. I am 5 ft 9" 175lbs no gear and a fast B slow A rider. I do like the suspension to sit a little lower in the rear and the forks to be up in the stroke as I tend to steer from the rear. The shim stacks are stock as the fluids are the only things that have been changed after initial break in. I have no idea what that is though as I have not started to strip them. But will be getting my feet wet so to speak in the next few weeks once I can find shim etc in the UK. So any pointers on where to start etc would be much appreciated. Especially big pictures and dumbed down descriptions. I am an aerospace engineer to trade but want to get the basics right before going right into the theory of it all.
  4. Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted on thumpertalk. Anyway, my 2007 CR250 gave up the ghost about 18 months ago completely blowing the bottom end and punching holes in the crankcase, wrecking the head and cylinder in the process. Parts from the UK were going to work at around 1800 pounds or 2400 dollars so, I then thought of doing an AF conversion but now I am just going to rebuild the 89 500 for evolution class racing in the uk. I have also just managed to get a good 06 motor to rebuild and put back in the 07 chassis. Anyways, looking for the best parts dealers in the states for both genuine and aftermarket parts for both the CR's as the UK prices are more than what you guys pay in dollars. Working out about 70% more expensive in the uk so looking to buy everything from the USA and ship it over. General parts such as engine bearings, seals, piston kits connecting rods etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Cheers Kev.
  5. Kdub

    Christening the new bike!!!

    Is that Drumclog buddy.
  6. Kdub

    Houston Texas

    It would be a pleasure if I could but unfortunately, short of a miracle happening my shoulder won't be better. But thanks for the offer:applause: . . . Suffered a level 3 seperation last week. The heat would be fine though been working in the middle east for the past 3 and a bit months throught the night when the humidity is usually above 80% and in the 100's like houston. A few of the guys that were working with me were from your neck of the woods and they were telling me all about the humidity you guys have most of the year. Thanks for the reply guys. Regards Kevin.
  7. Kdub

    Houston Texas

    Hi guys just looking fora little info. Heading out to Houston at the end of the month for a few weeks through my work. So I am lloking for a few good local shops to visit and maybe a few tracks local that are open evenings and weekends. Just looking to buy some nice gear and maybe catch a race or 2 when I am off at the weekends. Thanks guys.
  8. Kdub

    Shoulder Separation Advice

    Just an update and a big thanks to all that replied especially Dr Mark. Been working the bad shoulder now for 4 days as much as I feel it can. I can now stretch the shoulder almost full range in all directions and can raise the arm in all directions without help approximately 25%. Would expect full range and a bit of strength back in the next week or so. So all in all I hope to be able to ride the bike on some flat fields in 3-4 weeks with the goal of hitting a real track within 6 weeks. Thats way better than I expected and months quicker than my doc said would be remotely possible. Cheers Kevin.
  9. Kdub

    Shoulder Separation Advice

    Thanks guys. I will follow the advice to the T.
  10. Hi guys, a few questions for the masses for an un educated fellow. On monday night I sustained a 3 degree AC separation. Went to hospital which was confirmed by x ray. Seen a so call specialist on Thursday regarding rehab. Now the NHS in the UK is crap compared to the medical care in the states so looking for advice. This is how it went. 1. Immobilise the shoulder for the next 4 weeks and we will see you again. 2. We reccommend that we treat it conservitively (no surgery good thing I hope). 3. Here are some anti inflammatories and pain killers bye bye! Now from that I have no idea about any rehab that should be done at this stage. I have done some local heat treatment to encourage bloodflow into the area, never used ice packs in the first 48hrs so not really a benefit now. Now I am looking for some advice on what stretching etc should be done at this stage?. How long will my arm be totally useless and regain some sort of 50-60% motion?. (right now I can barely move it). Thanks for any replies guys. The big reason I am wanting to know is for a family holiday booked in 5 weeks and would like to be walking about normally and having a little fun. Cheers Kevin.
  11. Kdub

    Noise on 450sxf

    Going to put a fresh filter and oil in tomorrow and just go play down a field fora while to see if it shows its head again. Any input on what it could be would be much appreciated guys. Cheers kdub
  12. Yesterday I was practicing in slightly wet/muddy conditions. Nothing serious. Occasionaly I heard a high pitched noise(like a squeel) only when engaging/disengaging the clutch. My first thoughts are a bearing ie some sort of release bearing. Any thoughts of what this could be. The oil level was a touch low about 1/4 of the way up the sight glass when hot instead of 3/4 of the way so it was maybe 100ml low. Need a little help as this is a totally new sound to me and I am a little lost. Cheers Kdub
  13. Kdub

    rc, clutch hand?

    Don't know if I am off the mark here but I guess that it started in the minis when he was so small that he could hardly pull the clutch in and needed the extra reach of the middle finger.
  14. Kdub

    Red Bud Lites Torrent

    Cheers Dude!
  15. Kdub

    My bike

    REALLY NICE, not to busy.