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  1. rodrigobastos

    2007 YZ250F Factory Bikes

    I thinking about it, because the tank is very exposed and i`m scared to break it on riding, but i decided to buy a Works Connection Skid Plate. Thanks for everything
  2. rodrigobastos

    2007 YZ250F Factory Bikes

    Hi Guys, i see any factory YZF`s without tank oil on the front of chassis. Which the advantages and disadvantages to remove the frontal tank oil? It has some tip of as to make this change? This tank is very exposed, and i thinking to remove this. Sorry for my bad english, i`m leave in Brazil, and here we don`t have any kind of this tips. Thanks, Rodrigo.
  3. rodrigobastos

    Service Manual CRF 250 2006

    Hi everybody, i`m live in Brazil and i need a service manual for CRF 250 2006, anyone have this if they will have the manual to send link or email I will be very grateful. Sorry for my bad english
  4. rodrigobastos

    Brightness on spokes

    Thanks for all msgs
  5. rodrigobastos

    Brightness on spokes

    Hi Guys, i`m leave in Brazil and i have a doubt, the spokes of my bike are without brightness, how to make to give brightness again? Sorry for my bad english