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  1. I bought a 08 in So Cal in June for 5K OTD then my friend goes out and gets a 09 for 5150 OTD, also a So Cal dealership. Take it for what it's worth.
  2. http://www.sparkplugs.com/results_appOther.asp?otherMotiveID=226569&mfid=1 I use these guys.
  3. OK, mine was not working because the spring was broken so by moving the arm it was easy to detect. But if the mechanism itself, which is internal to the exhaust cam is frozen, then yes it will be harder to detect. With the cam removed it's easy to see how the system works and if it is working correctly or not. The method you described sounds a lot easier to determine if its functioning properly than by removing the cam itself..
  4. No, it easy. Just flick the mechanism with your finger It should rotate then spring right back.
  5. I had a problem kick starting mine and it turned out that the auto-decompression spring on the exhaust cam was broken. The bad news is that if this is the problem you can't just buy the spring you'll have to by the whole exhaust cam assembly.
  6. I'm trying to purchase an auto-decompression spring for my RMZ450 without having to buy the whole intake cam assembly. From what I can tell the only way to get the $1.50 spring is to buy the $200 cam. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. My neighbor, a factory Suzuki mechanic, told me the 2008 model will be a five speed. Said it is due to consumer demand. He also stated Ricky and Ivan prefer the four speed.