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  1. I'm looking at getting a new carb for my '93 Dr650, it's a Mikuni BST40 Looking at the newer DR's it lists the carb as a BST40 Slingshot, What's the difference?
  2. what are my options? CR? cRF? XR? Wouldn't mind swapping triples and converting to disc brake... what's possible and what's easiest? Has anybody done it?
  3. Is there a year range or is it all XR 75/80/100? I found a set of '95xr100 forks on ebay but they say '86 and up...
  4. sweet!!! thank you... the Ebay search begins, now that I know what to look for.. as far as the front wheel, as long as i don't convert to disc my front wheel should work right? if i convert to disc i'll need the wheel, disc and master cylinder, anything i'm forgetting?
  5. No luck? BTW, it's a '90
  6. Good to hear, A* and Thor make some good gear.
  7. Roost deflectors are the common thing, the pressure suits are basically the new Hi-Tec version. Personally I have never worn a chest protector till this year, and the only reason I started now was because of the switch to riding more rocky areas with more ATV and other traffic. I do have alot less bruising on my chest now though.. But when I race I still am more comfortable without.
  8. Personal preference. That's like asking "what oils the best" everybody has andy opinion. Really it's what works best for you. That said I loove my SHIFT gear. absolutely hate my O'NEIL boots, never again will I have a non ALPINESTAR boot. Though, the THOR boots aren't bad.
  9. I Don't have a problem????
  10. A bank of carbs from a GT380 would be a good place to start... I had a friend that had a GT380 back in JR. High that he had stripped everything off of and used it as a trail bike, I am very lucky to be hear after riding that, those motors scream.
  11. What's the size difference and will the RMX tank bolt up to the RM? I'm replacing the tank on my '90 RM250 because the screw holes where the fender shrouds bolt up are stipping out. I need a bigger tank anyway, I could pick up an RMX tank cheap on ebay...
  12. Get a triple bank of Mikuni's or Keihins. The old two stroke Kaw triples should have a good setup to start with.
  13. Perfect!!!! Thanks.. :ride: :ride: :ride:
  14. Anybody know if they will? The forks on my RM are trashed and the parts are on eternal backorder from Suzuki, I can get a hold of a pair of rebuilt/revalved forks from a '94 RM125 for $125 but am not sure if they'll fit. If they wouldn't most likely where would the issue be, bearing size, axle size etc.? If anybody has a '94 RM125 that can give me an idea of the pertinent measurements I would really appreciate it.. Thanks...
  15. Never mind, I found an exact replacement set
  16. Because four strokes are for girls..... With me it's the combination of the snappy power delivery that requires more skill to stay to ride fast, and on top of it the smell of two-stroke oil... Rebuild the top end on a four stroke and you will be riding a 2-smoker after that.
  17. Not something I'd want to chance with an almost, how much is a set of rings compared to the time and possible damage of having to tear it down again..
  18. Well, what started as a routine top-end replacement on my '90 RM250 has found that my cylinder is scored, my crank has some slop to it and on top of that my forks and brakes need to be completely rebuilt. I don't want a new bike but if I get another it will probably be older since I can run Vintage/Bomber class and the older 2-stroke MXer's make great trail bikes also. I just don't know if it's worth dropping a grand on it.
  19. Today's update full extent of the damage, The amazing part is that it was still running well, it was just getting hard to start. 1) Scored Cylinder 2) Bent Rod 3) Twisted Crank Anybody sell a full build kit???
  20. ProCircuit or FMF ???? Back whenI bought my '90 RM250 it came with a ProCircuit pipe and an FMF silencer. I have had both brands exhaust on other bikes but not both at once. I am going to replace one or the other, which one should I replace and why. I'm leaning towards FMF but could I really go wrong either way, If I have to choose I would take a little more bottom end over top.
  21. They don't make that one for my bike. I'll probably end up going used anyway, used parts are dime a dozen for my bike. My choice boils down to: 1) keep my ProCircuit pipe and get a ProCircuit silencer. 2) Keep my FMF silencer and get an FMF pipe.
  22. Well the RM getting the full tilt rebuild. With a new top and bottom end on the motor, forks completely redone, brakes completely redone, new, chain, sprockets,tires, there's not too much left so I might as well go all the way.
  23. I may hold onto it and fix it later and pick up a Vintage bike to run now. I have a line on a very nice 70's Honda Elsinore 125 in the sub $400 price range, and it's ready to run. If I do that I can get the RM built slowly over the summer and build it right.
  24. I see I'm not the only one with this experience. I thought I caught mine in time but unfortunately the cylinder is scored so it's time for an overbore and a replate. It wouldn't be so bad but my forks and brakes need full rebuilds also. Oh well, better now than mid- season, or even worse mid-double.