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  1. VintageDave393

    KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition 2013

    Great bike. Truly "Ready to Race".
  2. VintageDave393

    KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition (2013)


    Great bike. Truly "Ready to Race".
  3. VintageDave393

    2014 SXF Factory Edition III

    NO aluminum frame. KTM is going to stay with steel. What you will see is evolutionary changes, nothing revolutionary.
  4. The bikes are great and reliable, parts are easy to come by, and you should take a look at Tye's other threads which will make you understand that it's the Indian and not the arrow in his case. Lets just say there are lots of self inflicted wounds on his rebuild.
  5. VintageDave393

    How do I sell my bike quick but not lose to much$$$

    I just looked at your ad on Dallas CL. Here are the tips I would give you. Take down the photo of your bike with the engine out. That confuses buyers. They aren't sure if you are selling a running bike or a project. Men are your buyers and men are visual. Just ask women. Post pictures of your bike taken in the DAYLIGHT. One of each side. Show only the bike in the picture. Use spellcheck. If you can't spell, I'm going to guess as a buyer that you probably can't read a service manual very well. No one cares if it does wheelies. All dirtbikes do wheelies. Stick to the details. Unless you are selling it to the Wheelie Boyz, who will just need your address so they can make a late night stop. Good luck, I've bought and sold tons of bikes and paying attention to the details will pay big rewards.
  6. VintageDave393

    2014 SXF Factory Edition III

    I'm hearing mid-February, so give it a couple of weeks.
  7. Talk to Chip or Dan at Munn Racing in Waco, TX. Highly recommended!
  8. VintageDave393

    Is Ohlins worth the Scratch?

    Nice, a rough scrambles track. Do they have a motocross track also?
  9. VintageDave393

    Can you have too small a pilot

    Might want to do a pressure test on the motor to make sure the transmission side crank seal is 100%. You can chase rich jetting for months and never fix a spooge problem if you are pulling oil from the tranny. You would be amazed how easy it is to properly jet a motor that has absolutely no air leaks.
  10. VintageDave393

    Vintage Air Filters

    Would help a LOT if you listed the year.
  11. Loss of damping is not the concern with an air shock. Damping is controlled by the hydraulic circuits inherent to the oil not the pneumatics. Pressure range in the shock will probably be in the 100-200 psi range. Back in the stone age, you know when we ran twin shocks and drum brakes, Fox Air Shocks were in that range. The lower the pressure range can be implemented the better as this will reduce the stiction of the seals. Stiction is not as big an issue on the shock as it is on the forks due to the leverage ratios used, but anytime you can reduce stiction you have more compliance.
  12. You do realize, of course, that we were using air shocks in motocross as far back as 1975. Kent Howerton and Marty Smith won outdoor National Championships in the AMA Open class on Fox AirShox. The problem back then was not reliability, it was controlling pressure buildup as heat expanded the air. The KTM air shock that Dungey was using last year had a valve to automatically bleed off excess pressure. If not for the one failure in the SX heat, I believe we would have made a lot of progress with air last year. Air has a lot of inherent advantages over springs. It also has some engineering challenges when it comes to motocross usage. I'm glad to see KTM make an attempt to move the sport forward by refining an idea that had merit.
  13. VintageDave393

    But, but, but...I thought WP was trash?

    Ha, ha, ha, ha at someone stealing from the "Japs" who are the king of reverse engineering. Kinda like the 83 Honda CR480 that was a Maico clone or the Yamaha 750 that was a BSA/Triumph clone. There aren't a lot of original ideas out there in the motorcycle world of engineers. Well, other than the Suzuki Full Floater of the early 80's. But they lost the lawsuit to the American who designed it for them before they kicked him to the curb and made some minor changes and then called it their own. Oops. Remember, it's only your design as long as the Judge says so.
  14. VintageDave393

    Factory Edition Registry

    13.5 543/555
  15. VintageDave393

    2013 kTM 450SX-F USA fork oil capacity

    They are not the 4CS forks. Standard capacity for the outer tubes is 390cc.