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  1. alamo

    Randomly hard to hot start

    I'm struggling also with hard start when hot and stalled or crashed. Removed also valve from fuel tank brather tube but I don't say that this was helping. Only way to start engine in this case is close fuel tap and then kick it with hot start pulled until it finally starts but this is not normal. BIke is slightly modified: Hot Cams camsahfts, FMF pipe, but I don't hink those mods affect hot starting so much. I have also installed stainless steel valves and run them with same clearances as recommended for titanium valves. Maybe should I adjust them to bigger clearances?
  2. alamo

    Bike wont start after crash

    I'm at sea level, less than 100 meters above it. Carb should be clean and no blocked jets. Other setup is #178 main, needle is one step leaner - OBELR, beacuse it sputters at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle, clip if I'm correct 3-rd groove. Leak jet #55. Fuel screw is 2 turns out.
  3. alamo

    Bike wont start after crash

    Didn't actually tried choke because usually hot engine need leaner mixture. But after last engine rebuild I went for really small pilot (#38), because with standard jet it starts even in winter without choke and in hot weather was very difficult to start. Before yesterday pain on the track I changed piston, before this change bike run and start well. I wonder should now I go back to bigger pilot, because it absolutely resist start with hotstart when engine warm?
  4. My 250F 2006 wont start after crash. You can kick it to exhaustion with hot start pulled in or without, it just won't start. Finally it starts without hot start. But it takes really million kicks. If not crashed it starts nicely in any situation. Any advice?
  5. alamo

    Change in idle

    Strange, I have also 2006 model and this don't have this behaviour, at least I don't feel it that difference is so big between idle in gear and idle in neutral. And when I shift from neutral to gear the idle don't increase. It's increases only after blipping some throttle.
  6. alamo

    Change in idle

    Hello, I have 2008 YZ250F. This weekend I noticed strange behavior with idle. If the bike is in neutral, the idle is correct and after blipping the throttle revs return to correct idle. If I shift the bike on gear and then blip the throttle, the when revs come down, but they stay much higher than normal idle. When I now switch to neutral without touching the throttle, revs go back to normal idle. Actually when in gear the idle try to stay so much higher than normal idle, that affects riding. Good advices are welcome!
  7. Then is clear why your fork is so stiff. Use Kayaba original oil, it should be very thin, almost like water. Twin chamber forks use thinner oil then old open cartridge forks. You can choose oil with right viscosity here: http://www.peterverdonedesigns.com/lowspeed.htm look at table below on page and if you can't get original oil then find oli what have same viscosity at 40 degrees like Kayaba 01 fork oli.
  8. Hello, my bike start to behave strangely. First if I adjust idle revs to be high enough then when I suddenly blip the throttle and release it revs don't drop normally but stays some time on, another thing what is strange if I pull hot start lever the revs must rise but instead the revs drop and engine almost die. Any help needed!!! Settings is stock: pilot #45, screw 2 turn out.
  9. Does anybody know what is wrong with YoT? Placed order 11/2, after that checked couple times order status and if nothing happened send after a week couple e-mails but without result as no replay to them. Today saw strange notification on they website. Send e-mail with order cancellation request, again no answer. I try call but after 10 minutes music listening hang on. Strange behavior.
  10. alamo

    Jetting problem

    I try to send tehm over to HotCams Inc. maybe they can do this job easier and have some jigs for this purpose. I ran stage I cams because I love this punch out from corners.
  11. alamo

    Jetting problem

    I was thinking what can be wrong and to check last possibility throw original cams in. Problem was immediately disappeared. Now I must find easy way to re-degree cam. Price offers for this job is so high that looks easier to buy new Hotcams. Was yesterday riding with original cams and I start missing Hotcams immediately.
  12. alamo

    Jetting problem

    Now I solved problem. It wasn't in jetting. The valve failure just jammed the valves and tappets so badly that camshaft gear was moved for a small angle and this affects immediately starting. As I had HotCams cams it uses adjustable intake cam and two bolts holding sprocket let go.
  13. alamo

    Jetting problem

    After valve failure on my 2006 YZ250F and total rebuild (new head, valves, cylinder, piston and crank) my bike starts to behave very strange. Difficult to restart as hot and requires even after 10 minutes breathing pause using hotstart even at so moderate temperature as 60 degrees F. Compared to original setup I used stainless steel valves and 2008 high-comp piston. The guy who made valve job said that valves seal very well compared to average titanium valves. He tested it with vacuum and they hold exceptionally well. Valve clearance is also exactly in specs values. Yamaha gives about the same settings for pilot jet and adjusting screw. I'm totally clueless how to improve starting behavior of my bike.
  14. Possibly, but interesting that I couldn't find this LA stadium scene from youtube. Actually it was very good.